CBS News Does Yeoman's Work Propping up Joe Biden After Disastrous SOTU Poll

On any given day, one can spot numerous instances of the mainstream media dutifully carrying President Biden’s water, but in a critical midterm election year where the writing is on the wall for Democrats and their “priorities” are on the line, the water carrying can go from merely being obscene to disturbingly grotesque.


Such was the case with cast and crew at CBS News, who in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s very deceitful Tuesday State of the Union address polled viewers to find out what they thought of his speech. The results of the poll were revealed in a tweet and news piece in such a way so as to give readers a very misleading representation of how it was viewed.

The headline of the piece read as follows: “Most speech watchers say State of the Union made them feel optimistic, proud – CBS News poll.”

To people who only glance at headlines and not what’s actually written in the body of an article, one would think, “Wow, that’s not bad considering his approval ratings are tanking” – which is exactly what CBS News wants you to think.

Their tweet promo of the polling info was even more flattering for Joe Biden, proclaiming that “Most Americans who watched President Biden’s first State of the Union address approved of what they heard, and many said it made them feel optimistic and proud”:


The big problem with CBS News’s framing of their post-SOTU poll, as originally pointed out by RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham, is that nearly 50% of those polled were Democrats, which they don’t note until midway through the article – and as readers can see above it’s not reflected at all in the tweet:

You know, I get that for the most part that the people who tune in to watch SOTUs will typically be from the President’s party, but polls on thoughts about what he said should still be representative and reflective of a cross-section of American viewpoints, not wildly skewed to one political side just because he happens to be a Democrat.

The especially wild thing about this is that between CBS News and CNN, CNN was actually the more “fair and balanced” of the two when it came to reporting on the respective post-speech polls they took, with CNN acknowledging that Biden’s 41% “very positive” number was “the lowest ‘very positive’ we’ve seen in about the last 15 years of instant polling after the SOTU address.”


When you’re a major media outlet and your coverage is even more overtly biased than CNN’s, you’ve got serious problems – and you really need to fix them so your already questionable reputation doesn’t go the way that CNN’s has.

Just sayin’.

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