CNN’s Resident Hall Monitor Ushers in the Most Wacked Hot Take of All on Supply Chain Crisis

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If ever a weekend existed where our supposed intellectual betters on the left and in the mainstream media demonstrated in no uncertain terms how they just don’t get it and how absolutely out of touch they are with average Americans, this past weekend was it.


For example, as we reported Sunday, MSNBC/NBC News “business correspondent” and noted Democrat apologist Stephanie Ruhle cheerfully declared that the “dirty little secret” about the Joe Biden economy was that things really weren’t so bad for the American people right now, that inflation has been a thing for a while now and that reports that retail sales will be through the roof for the holidays was proof that everything was just fine, move along, nothing to see.

Former Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile, a woman who like Ruhle also has a nice salary and cushy residence compared to most Americans, made a similar declaration on ABC News, arguing with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that “you’ve got to be smart when you go out and shop today,” suggesting that if you were, you should be okay no matter your income.

But we might have found the scorching media/Dem hot take on the economy and supply chain crisis that beats them both, courtesy of CNN’s resident media hall monitor Brian Stelter. Last we checked, he wasn’t an expert on economic matters but he must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express at some point last week based on this wacked tweet he posted Saturday showing a photo of a grocery store fully stocked with milk and insinuating that because of that the supply chain crisis must be over:


What stupidity. I mean I went to a local grocery store Sunday afternoon and saw that the milk section was looking depleted and in need of restocking. So I guess in a matter of the time between Stelter’s tweet and my trip to the grocery store the supply chain crisis he seemed to suggest was over was suddenly back on?

In reality, supplies of milk do not define whether or not the supply chain crisis is over or ongoing, as even we lowly folks in the cheap seats who still have a better understanding of how basic economics works than noted Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman will point out.

Last I checked, milk isn’t brought to American households by way of cargo ships stuck off the coast of California. I mean, he has to know this, right? Right?


Maybe instead of weighing in on matters on which he clearly knows nothing, Stelter should stick to journalism. But then again, he’s not very good at that either, so I don’t know what to advise him here except to maybe suggest he delete his Twitter account before subjecting us to any more of his fabled “brilliance.” Enough is enough.

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