Charlotte Man’s Idea to Help Alleviate Supply Chain Crisis Shows Heartbeat of America Is Alive and Well

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I have been writing all my life, and I really love what I do. But over a period of time when you have written a preponderance of stories about the bad things going in our country, most frequently as it relates to the really harmful things politicians and the media often say and do, it can really get to you and overwhelm you and at times make one feel that all hope is lost.


For example, a lot of us (writers and readers, both) felt that way during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. At one point I stopped looking at the rising case count trackers for NC and nationally because it was too depressing to know how many were suffering from and how many had died from such an awful disease. It also bothered me a great deal how the MSM would focus so much on death counts and would not offer much in the way of balanced coverage with recovery stories/treatment development updates.

But every once in a while a story comes along that just goes to reassure people that despite all the challenges this country is facing right now, largely brought on by a grossly inept and out of touch president and handlers who are making it worse, that the heartbeat of America is alive and well.

Charlotte news station WCNC reported this week on the story of Micah Conor, a local truck driver in his mid-30s who told them he’s planning on doing his part to help alleviate the problems brought on by Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis by starting his own truck driving school:

“I decided like everyone else to better myself, better my life, you know make better money,” Conor said.


“Truckers make the world go around,” Conor said. “They make it move. Without us, without the trucks, we can’t get anything done.”


He’s planning to start a driving school in 2022. It will focus on low-income people who may be deterred by the start-up costs of getting into the business.

“More veteran people, drivers like me, can get out here and produce more drivers for companies,” Conor said. “We can keep the world going, keep the cycle going. Everybody’s happy.”


Watch the interview (not embeddable per WCNC) here.

Some dispute that there is an actual truck driver shortage, suggesting the issue is not a shortage of drivers but instead an issue with keeping drivers from snagging better-paying, less stressful jobs elsewhere.

Whatever the case may be, Conor saw a need and is stepping up to the plate to do his part to help fix it. Of course, if he’s successful he’ll make good money out of it, but along with that success will also mean more trained and licensed truck drivers on the road tootin’ their horns at kids in the cars in the next lane over, truck drivers who will be motorin’ along on the highways including during the holidays to deliver the goods that keep this country going.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s about as “America” as it gets.

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