Ilhan Omar, Eric Swalwell Pick Nasty Fight With Ted Cruz, but Cruz Finishes It — and Them

Bill Clark/Pool via AP

As we previously reported, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was as per the norm kicking bootie during today’s Senate hearing where Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland faced a barrage of questions from understandably angry Republican senators like Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley over the disturbing DOJ memo from earlier this month.


The memo, issued after White House collusion with the National School Boards Association, directed the FBI to coordinate with local officials on investigating what the NSBA described to the DOJ in a letter as “domestic terrorist”-like threats in nature from concerned parents at school board meetings.

At one point during today’s hearing, Cruz and Garland had a back and forth exchange where Cruz asked him if certain actions that were purportedly considered “threats” at school board meetings were protected First Amendment speech. One instance Cruz brought up was the flashing of a Nazi sign. Here’s how one of the most notoriously dishonest “journalists” on Twitter –’s Aaron Rupar – framed Cruz’s questioning:

The clear insinuation there is that Cruz is a Nazi sympathizer (an insinuation that Rupar’s devoted following picked up and ran with). Of course, Cruz isn’t, though, which people who actually WATCHED the clip would understand by seeing the point he was trying to make.


Naturally, dirtbag Congressman Eric Swalwell, who never met a Chinese honey pot he didn’t want to sell his country out to, pounced and seized on Rupar’s dishonest tweet:

Noted anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar got in on the action, too, falsely claiming that Cruz was “just casually defending Nazis in a congressional hearing.”

Cruz was having none of it, and buried his accusers, zeroing in specifically on Swalwell:

According to some Twitter users, the “Nazi salutes” in question are actually coming from parents who are accusing their local school boards of taking a Nazi-like approach during the meetings and/or with the school curriculums. In other words, they’re rebelling against what they see as Nazi-esque behavior, not embracing it.


“[W]e can all see the clip. Cruz is saying the Nazi salute, which is done in protest of school board officials and not as a sign of fidelity to national socialism, is first amendment protected speech,” Commentary writer Eli Lake noted.

Others, like yours truly, reported Swalwell’s tweet to Twitter’s monitoring system “birdwatch” but nothing will be done of course because neither Swalwell (nor Omar) have an “R” next to their names. Democrat privilege and all that.

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