Glenn Youngkin Just Wrecks Terry McAuliffe After He Signals He Knows He’s in Deep Trouble

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Like many conservatives, we’ve been passing the jumbo popcorn bowl around quite a bit here at RedState over the last few weeks in the midst of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe’s rather hilarious and well-deserved campaign implosion.


It all started the last week in September when McAuliffe, who is seeking his second (non-consecutive) term in office, said the quiet part out loud to Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin during their last debate about how “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

For McAuliffe, a former Clintonista, it hasn’t gotten any better since then. With Youngkin capitalizing on the moment and along with a surprisingly aggressive local media presence keeping the pressure on McAuliffe to explain/clarify his remarks on public education, the race has tightened significantly with just two weeks left to go before Election Day – and McAuliffe is sending out all kinds of signals, including bringing in his fellow election truther Stacey Abrams to stump on his behalf, indicating that he knows he’s in trouble.

The latest signal from McAuliffe came just yesterday when he released an ad laughably proclaiming that Youngkin took him “out of context” on what he said during that now-infamous debate about parents not having a say in their child’s education. McAuliffe then proceeds to revise history by stating that, “As parents, Dorothy and I have always been involved in our kids’ education. We know good schools depend on involved parents. That’s why I want you to hear this from me. Glenn Youngkin is taking my words out of context. I’ve always valued the concerns of parents”:


Is that the kind of ad a guy who felt comfortable with where he was in his campaign at this stage in the game would release? In my opinion, no. Rather than being on the offensive, it shows McAuliffe – who earlier this year was considered a shoo-in for re-election – on defense, and not defending himself very well at that.

The Youngkin campaign, with their feet wisely mashed down on the gas all the way to the floorboard down the home stretch, responded accordingly by dropping receipt after receipt on McAuliffe, wrecking him by noting what he said at the debate wasn’t the only time he made the claim about who should be involved in a child’s education:


That is how it’s done, folks.

Even if Youngkin ultimately doesn’t win this election, you can’t say it wasn’t for lack of trying and keeping the heat on his opponent who, as it turns, out has been his own worst enemy.

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