In Which Nancy Pelosi Inadvertently Makes the Case for Glenn Youngkin

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It’s almost gotten to the point in the Virginia gubernatorial race where Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin could just sit back and let his opponents do his work for him. Almost, but not quite.


As we previously reported, with polls tightening in part due in part to him saying the quiet part out loud, the panic has set in for Democrat nominee and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe with just weeks left to go before Election Day, so much so that he’s bringing in who he feels would bring Democrat star power to the state like Co-President Jill Biden, election denier and failed 2018 Democrat Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, and former President Barack Obama in hopes that they can help drag him over the finish line.

And if not them, some Virginia Democrats are so worried they’ve even requested a change to the way absentee ballots are processed in an entirely predictable move at this late stage of the campaign.

Just today we learned that in addition to the above supposed “star power” Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will also be doing her part to try and get him elected, holding a fundraiser for the supposed “D.C. outsider” candidate … in Washington, D.C. two weeks from now.

But it was what she wrote in the invite that had some suggesting that she was inadvertently making a pretty strong case for Youngkin’s election. She said, “If a Trump Republican wins a state that Biden won by 10 points, it will essentially steamroll a path for Trump’s comeback”:


I mean, that actually isn’t a bad thing, is it? Well, for Democrats it would be but not for people who want to try and get this country back on track to where it was headed before Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, right? And if not Trump, someone like him (maybe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?) who doesn’t back down from the media when they launch fake news attacks and who refuses to fall victim to the policy traps Democrats routinely set.

And speaking of Biden, we didn’t think he’d be making another appearance in Virginia on behalf of McAuliffe (his last one was in July), but McAuliffe told a group of educators today that Biden would indeed be back to stump for him before Election Day:


That’s more great news for Youngkin, considering Biden’s declining popularity in the state, something McAuliffe was caught admitting during a recent video teleconference call.

Like I said earlier, Youngkin is pretty close to the point where he could sit back and relax while McAuliffe’s campaign continues to implode, but I’m sure he and his staff know that this is exactly the time to press your foot even harder on the gas pedal and not let up.

Election Day is November 2nd and time is of the essence. Virginia needs rescuing from the blue foothold, and as someone who resides in the state just south of Virginia, I say with all sincerity that a lot of us here would be almost as delighted to see McAuliffe go down in defeat as conservatives in Virginia would. While we’re stuck with a Democrat governor for at least a little while longer, it’d be nice to see our neighbors to the north get back on the right path, if you catch my meaning.

Baby steps and all that.

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