Glenn Youngkin Goes for the Jugular After Terry McAuliffe’s Stunning Declaration on Public Education

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Though it’s laughable that Clinton Democrat Terry McAuliffe keeps trying to portray himself to Virginia voters as a “woke” moderate with the all-important backing of so-called “leading conservatives” like Never Trumper Bill Kristol in the state’s closely-watched gubernatorial race, what’s not in any way funny is what he declared last night during his debate with Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin on the issue of public education and parents’ roles in what their children are being taught.


As we reported earlier, McAuliffe and Youngkin were sparring over state education guidelines on transgender students, what’s appropriate to teach children in public school classrooms, and if parents should be notified when lesson plans will include sexually explicit content when a visibly agitated McAuliffe told a persistent Youngkin that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

For those who missed the moment, watch:

Because the race at this point is closer than supposed “political experts” anticipated it would be, McAuliffe’s admission was pounced and seized upon by Youngkin, who released a devastating new ad that hits McAuliffe over his remarks, juxtaposing them alongside concerned Virginia parents speaking out at school board meetings about the sexually explicit content found in some school library books.


Ouch! That one is gonna leave a mark, folks. Just how deep it will be and how long it will last remains to be seen.


For the record, here’s a summary of the bill Youngkin referenced during the debate that McAuliffe, who was Governor of Virginia at the time, vetoed:

American history is filled with “turning point moments” in political campaigns where a candidate either says or does something that changes the tide of the race, sometimes against him and sometimes in his favor. Because education has become such a hot button topic in this country over the last few years thanks in no small part to the radical left movement to force Critical Race Theory and “woke” gender identity ideology on public schools – with the Virginia school system frequently being at the center of these battles, McAuliffe saying the quiet part out loud about what Democrats really think the role of parents should be in their children’s education could end up coming back to bite him big time on Election Day.

IMO, Youngkin should have this ad run on loop as often as possible on Virginia news stations in the final week before Election Day to make sure voters don’t forget what he said.


Besides, McAuliffe proved over the summer he does not know the proper way to have a cookout, a serious crime which has been known to be the kiss of death for political campaigns in the south in the past.

Come on, Virginia voters – don’t give this guy another chance to drag your state further to the left. Enough already.

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