4-Year-Old on Disney Trip Reminds Us Reports of Chivalry Being Dead Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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For the last several decades, so-called “women’s rights activists” have waged persistent, bigoted campaigns to let the men of America know that not only are they not appreciated, but that they believe everything men do has some type of hidden sexist/misogynistic meaning.


It’s gotten so bad to the point that you have men out there who are so beaten down by this constant drumbeat of Angry Woman rhetoric that they don’t even know how to act around women, afraid to give them even the most benign of compliments no matter the setting, second-guessing the thought of opening doors for them, of offering to pay for the dinner when they’re out on a date, of tipping their hats out of respect, and the list goes on and on.

This has led to conversations from time to time among sane women, you know, the ones who didn’t cut their teeth on man-hating feminism, about whether or not chivalry is either on its way out the door or dead altogether.

Fortunately, it’s nowhere close to dead, and we see examples of it every day. But one of the cuter recent examples didn’t come from an adult male but from a 4-year-old boy, who captured the hearts of many after his mother shared a short video clip of what he did as a parade of Disney princesses walked by him during a trip to Disney World:

Florida resident Vanessa Guedert posted the footage to TikTok last week of her son Bernardo kindly tipping his hat to Snow White and others, as they strolled by in a parade.

More than 30 million viewed the video with many commenting how it brought them to tears, and that the 4-year-old is “a true gentleman.”


Watch the adorable video below:


Disney’s true prince! 🥰💙👑 #disney #disneyprincess #disneytiktok #disneyworld #princess #disneyprince #prince #foryou

♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – Christina Perri

Now that is how it’s done, y’all. I feel confident in predicting that this young man is destined to be even more of a heartbreaker when he gets older.

The video reminded me of a time several years ago when I was shopping for groceries at a local Walmart. I absolutely hate grocery shopping, and on that particular day, I had to get just about everything so it was one of those two-hour shopping ordeals that most people dread.

Anyway, as I was about 3/4ths of the way through my trip and already irritated beyond all get out after encountering one rude shopper after another, I was pushing my cart to the end of an aisle and had to stop as a man who was probably in his mid-30s walked by the aisle, preventing me from going forward, acting like he didn’t see me (he did). But a little boy walking behind him who was probably no more than 5 or 6, and who I presume was his son, abruptly stopped midway through pushing his mini-shopping cart and politely gestured with his little hand for me to proceed forward.


When I smiled and thanked him, he sweetly said “yes, ma’am” before rejoining his dad, who had stopped just a few feet away and was watching.

Children often teach us valuable lessons, most of the time unwittingly. That little boy taught both his dad and me something that day, too, as did Bernardo the 4-year-old “Disney prince.”

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