Things About Men and Women That 'Feminists' Will Never Be Able to Change

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Back in the early days of my political (college) life when I was so naive that I believed a lot of the things that were spoonfed by the media to their readers and viewers about how evil conservatives were, I also considered myself to be a modern feminist.

Thankfully, I wasn’t a raging man-hater, but I did view men with suspicion because I was conditioned to believe that way by the things I’d read in women’s magazines, watched on TV shows, and heard from female friends and acquaintances.

Instead of judging men on a case-by-case basis, I lumped them all in the same category. Guys only wanted women for one thing and that was it, so I’d heard, so the idea was not to get too close that you’d fall for him and put him ahead of your career goals and ambitions.

But along the way, guys kept surprising me. Sure, there were the ones who only thought with their [insert crude term here]. But there were others, male friends, neighbors, boyfriends, and the like who proved with words and actions that guys were more than just about that.

Contra to what “feminists” would like for the world to think, most men aren’t bad guys and they do, in fact, appreciate the independent nature and various quirks and intricacies of the opposite sex, and most women appreciate the numerous complicated facets of guys and their desire to be seen as tough and unbreakable.

From the 1960s on, so-called feminists have been trying to change how males and females think about each other to the point they’re supposed to hate each other, and with some degree of success. But there are things about both sexes that will never change (nor should they, in my opinion). I’m listing five of them below, in no particular order.

1. Women will always be more emotional than men (and this is not a bad thing)

I’ve said this before and about had my head chopped off by feminists who think boxing women into a corner with a supposedly antiquated stereotype will set them back 50 years. But it doesn’t. Further, facts are what they are, and they don’t care about anyone’s feelings.

Women are more emotional because they don’t just think with their head, they also think with their heart. This is a good thing most of the time, although admittedly sometimes thinking with both has gotten some of us in trouble. As a general rule, using both your head and your heart to sort through a matter usually takes more time and leads to a more compassionate decision, no matter whether the decision impacts others or just the woman making it.

2. Even the most confident and self-assured women want to be told they are beautiful and desirable.

Though it’s true that women want to be respected for their minds and what they bring to the table professionally and ultimately judged on that basis, to their core, most women also want to be seen as attractive and will go out of their way to primp and prime themselves in a way that not only makes them feel good about how they look but in a way they’re hoping guys notice, appreciate, and respect, too, whether it’s getting their hair colored with pink streaks or buying that fabulous red dress they’ve been eyeing in the window.

3. Guys will always be protective of their female loved ones. Always.

I realize that some guys can go overboard in this regard (and most women will be able to recognize when they do), but guys are hardwired this way, whether it be with their sisters, their mothers, their girlfriends, their daughters, or friend-girls. It’s in their DNA. And most ladies, again contra to what feminists want people to think, love it – especially once they’ve gotten the guy to understand that their protective nature should not override a woman’s prerogative to make her own decisions.

4. Guys prefer the gentlemanly approach with women.

Whether it be opening the door for a woman, making sure she gets home safely, literally doing the heavy lifting, or just simply sending them flowers, guys more often than not will opt for the gentlemanly approach with women – whether they are interested in the woman or not. Contra to how they’ve been portrayed over the decades as bumbling idiots who barely understand how to tie their shoelaces, guys get the big picture here.

The old saying about how you can win over more flies with honey than vinegar applies.

Also, feminists want people to think most women hate this approach, but they actually adore it, especially when it continues long after the cat and mouse games are over. 😉

5. Both men and women want to be equal partners in a relationship.

Again, despite what feminists have said, guys are okay with sharing the financial load with their significant others instead of having the provider role fall primarily on their shoulders. That said, the 50/50 thing applies in all aspects of the relationship, not just the financial part. Men and women expect each other to be equal partners when it comes to decision-making big and small, and that includes decisions from what they’re having for dinner, to parenting decisions, to whether or not to take that big job promotion.

Feminists have ruined a lot since the 1960s, but fortunately, these things aren’t among them.


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