Ted Cruz Has Perfect Response After Politifact Blurts out Accidental Truth in Job Opening Announcement

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As I’ve said before, when it comes to so-called “fact-checkers” like FactCheck.org, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, and PolitiFact, the worst of the bunch is PolitiFact. It’s really not even an arguable point, in my view.


They’ve become infamous over the years for spreading misinformation or straight-up lies in what are clear efforts to run interference for the Democrats they so clearly support.

But as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is correct twice a day, which was exemplified perfectly in a job announcement for Politifact posted earlier today to Twitter by Bill McCarthy, one of the website’s staff writers.

“Politifact is hiring! Come join our misinformation team,” McCarthy wrote while also including a link to the job posting:

“Misinformation team”? That is pretty close to the ideal (accidental) description of PolitiFact, with the perfect one being “Democratic apologists” (in my humble opinion).

Because there’s a strong chance the tweet will get deleted, it’s been screengrabbed for good measure:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was among the many who responded accordingly:


The supposedly non-partisan organization has proved their partisan hackery numerous times just in the last year alone, with such notable moments being a “fact check” of Fox News host Tucker Carlson that later had to be retracted as well as their epic spins on claims President Biden makes that are unquestionably false. We documented many more instances of Politifact playing fast and loose with the truth here.

Perhaps one of their dumbest “fact checks” ever was back in November 2020, when they analyzed a claim made by Trump spokesman Jason Miller who said “We will be over 290 electoral votes on Election Night”:

As my colleague Bonchie noted at the time, “it would have been bad enough had Politifact decided to fact-check what is clearly an opinion about a campaign’s chances by citing polls or pointing out that Pennsylvania and North Carolina won’t have all their returns in on election night. At least doing that, despite being blatant editorializing, would have been somewhat understandable given their known political biases. Instead, Politifact went the stupidest possible direction by noting that electoral votes aren’t officially cast until December 14th.”


Fact check: True statement. In fact, “stupidest possible direction” should be part of the group’s motto, given how often they go that route in their coverage of statements made by public figures.

Anyway, we’d like to thank PolitiFact for saying the quiet part out loud about their “misinformation team.” Makes our jobs a heckuva lot easier. 😉

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