Sen. John Kennedy Has an Inconvenient Reality Check for Joe Biden in Response to Gun Crime Speech

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Like a lot of other Republicans watching President Joe Biden’s Wednesday speech where he unveiled several initiatives he and Attorney General Merrick Garland believe will help combat rising gun crime, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) shook his head as Biden suggested that supposed lax gun laws “in neighboring cities and states” were at least partially to blame for the escalation in crime we’ve seen in Democrat-run cities like Baltimore and Chicago.


It was all too much for Kennedy, who went on Fox News and dropped some inconvenient facts on the Biden administration about what’s really causing crime spikes.

“I don’t hate anyone,” Kennedy said during the interview. “But whoever is advising the president on crime and I don’t know who it is, but whoever it is his – his Secret Service name ought to be ‘butthead.'”

“I mean, why has Chicago become the world’s largest outdoor shooting range?” he wondered. “Why is it safer to walk down the streets of Mogadishu than New York City?”

“Crime is not up, as the President seemed to indicate today, because of inadequate background checks,” Kennedy continued. “Crime is up because many – not all – but many members of the President’s own party believe in defunding the police. They ran on it, and in many cities, they’ve done it.”

He went on to give other reasons he believes that crime is up in America:

“Crime is up because many members of the President’s own party want to turn cops into social workers. Crime is up because many members of the President’s own party think all cops are racists, including apparently the African-American police officers. Crime is up because many members of the President’s own party think that when a cop shoots a criminal, it’s always the cop’s fault, but when a criminal shoots a cop, it’s always the gun’s fault.”


Kennedy also described what he feels are “three things” Biden should do to address the matter:

1) “Fund the police. Give them their money back.”
2) “Let cops be cops, let them do their job. Now, if they misbehave, if they don’t follow the law, punish them, hold them accountable like we did with Derek Chauvin. But most cops follow the law.”
3) “We’re going to have to do what Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg did in New York City. We’re going to have to do it in all the major crime areas. We’re going to have to bring back stop, question, and frisk, and apply it in a racially neutral manner. It is perfectly legal. It has been used for years.”

Watch Kennedy make his case below:

During Biden’s Wednesday speech, he also inadvertently made arguably one of the best cases in favor of respecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment in U.S. history, basically suggesting that it doesn’t matter how many guns or what types of guns you have that the government is always going to be more powerful.

Democrat cities, in particular, have seen a surge in violent crime in the aftermath of the Antifa/BLM-led protests and riots that took place in their cities last summer, where the predominant theme was (and still is) defunding the police. Minneapolis’, Chicago’s, and Baltimore’s violent crime rates soared by double digits as local “leaders” joined in on the anti-police rhetoric and basically signaled to police officers that they were not going to be supported, and to criminals that it was open season.


Unfortunately, their communities are now paying the price for their failures in leadership.

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