Kayleigh McEnany Weighs in on a Media Double Standard for GOP Women That Must Change

One of the things conservatives miss the most about the Trump administration is former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Though gone from the press briefing room, McEnany has remained an outspoken figure in conservative Republican politics courtesy of her co-hosting position on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” program.


On Friday, McEnany and her fellow co-hosts discussed a report from Bloomberg reporter Nancy Cook about how longtime fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz was at the White House Friday to shoot photos of Biden press secretary Jen Psaki for “an upcoming magazine profile.”

During the segment, McEnany was asked to weigh in on the double standards that were on full display during the Trump administration regarding the media’s lack of acknowledgement of strong women in leadership positions at the time in contrast to the puff pieces and elegant magazine spreads Democratic women are routinely treated to.

While pointing out that “we need investigative journalism” and not “fawning coverage” from the press corps because “it doesn’t do the American people any justice,” McEnany also recalled how New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman swooned last December over a glowing Glamour magazine profile of then-Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, who among other things talked about what life was like being a working mother in the middle of a presidential campaign.

“Putting aside everything else, it is rare to hear a woman speaking unapologetically and unselfconsciously about life having kids and an intense job,” Haberman said at the time, as though women like McEnany and former First Lady Melania Trump – both of who are mothers – either did not exist or were irrelevant.


McEnany responded to the tweet last year with a simple photo of her pushing her baby daughter Blake at the White House, and said during the interview Friday that there were multiple women in leadership positions in the White House at the time of the Glamour mag profile who were either mothers or expectant mothers that Haberman (and others in the media) “seem to have forgotten.”

She also talked about how at one point the New York Times came to take pictures of several female Trump campaign figures in 2016 for a piece that ultimately never got published.

“We kept waiting for the story to pop,” she stated. “It never did because it just simply wasn’t negative enough.”


There was a subtle point that McEnany was making that of course was lost on her haters on social media, who jumped to the conclusion that she was “jealous” of Psaki being profiled by a fashion magazine.

The issue here is not a craving for the type of fawning coverage Democratic women receive. The issue is the disrespect shown to Republican mothers as though their opinions don’t matter because they don’t toe the liberal line and therefore aren’t worthy of praise and respect. If you’re going to do a glowing piece on a Democrat mother, that’s fine, but how about some acknowledgement that there are hardworking Republican moms out there, too, who have to do the same juggling act every day?


This is a long-running issue Republican women have faced not just in the media but from their political opposition, most notably so-called “feminists” in the Democratic party who look down on women who think differently on issues like abortion, gun rights, and blaming men for every problem under the sun.

These “feminists” claim to respect a diversity of viewpoints but when pressed – especially during election campaigns against Republican women, they will refer to them as traitors to their gender and treat them with a contempt usually only reserved for the vilest among us.

This is a double standard that absolutely must stop, and the only way that happens is by women like Kayleigh McEnany drawing attention to it when the opportunity presents itself. The only thing some of these people understand is shame, and if they have to be shamed into acknowledging their hypocrisy and adjusting their coverage accordingly, so be it.

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