Hillary Clinton Learns Facts Don't Care About Her Feelings After Gaslighting About the Capitol Riots

Hillary Clinton Learns Facts Don't Care About Her Feelings After Gaslighting About the Capitol Riots
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Not surprisingly, Democrats, the media, and their Never Trump allies on the “right” were none too pleased today after Senate Republicans filibustered their efforts at dragging out the Capitol riots debate into the 2022 elections in the form of a supposedly bipartisan “commission” to study what happened.

Before we get to the Hillary Clinton portion of today’s events, here’s an FYI as to which Senate Republicans voted with Democrats:

The legislation needed 60 votes Friday to overcome a GOP filibuster, but Republicans blocked the legislation from advancing during a procedural vote. The vote was 54 to 35. Just six Republicans joined with Democrats: Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Rob Portman of Ohio.

It didn’t take long after news broke of the Senate GOP’s successful blocking of the bill before twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton weighed in with some whoppers about what happened on January 6th because of course she did:

As per the norm, Clinton’s tweet was ratioed big time with people reminding her of the actual facts, you know, those things that she routinely demonstrates she has little to no familiarity with.

First things first, not a single lawmaker was “attacked” that day. Not one.

Secondly, suggesting that House and Senate Republicans don’t want a commission because they “would rather” the country not know what happened, that’s pure hogwash. The Republicans who oppose the idea of a commission are fully aware that there are DOJ investigations underway with hundreds having been arrested and charged already. In addition to that will be the inevitable Democrat-run committee “investigations” into the attack.

Republicans appear to be keenly aware that the attempt at creating this so-called “independent” commission smells more like a partisan hit job than something designed to find out everything about what happened that day.

And as for Hillary Clinton’s claim that the Capitol rioters “killed a policeman,” let’s take a stroll onto Reality Lane for just a few minutes, because this has been a persistent claim among Democrats – and it’s false.

It’s simply not true that any police officer was killed or died that day. As per Washington, D.C’s chief medical examiner Francisco J. Diaz, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick “suffered two strokes and died of natural causes” the day after the attack.

Though Diaz did state that “all that transpired” during the Capitol riots between rioters and police officers “played a role” in Sicknick’s condition, his findings dealt a serious blow to the left/media’s “murder” narrative concerning Officer Sicknick’s death.

Two other officers, Met Police officer Jeffrey Smith and Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood, died by suicide in the days after the riots.

The only person killed that day was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol Police officer as she attempted to gain entry through a broken window. The DOJ closed that case last month, announcing they will not pursue criminal charges against the unnamed officer.

Ironically, what Clinton did in her tweet today was to demonstrate exactly why a “commission” is such a bad idea:

‘Nuff said.

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