CNN, WaPo Reporters Upset COVID Origins Might Be Investigated, but Gov't Might 'Ignore' Capitol Riot

CNN, WaPo Reporters Upset COVID Origins Might Be Investigated, but Gov't Might 'Ignore' Capitol Riot
AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Over the past year, the liberal media has really dropped the ball when it comes to covering the Wuhan lab leak theory, or frankly, any coverage that might hold China accountable for the cover-up that went on in regard to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Not only didn’t they do their jobs, but they actively cast it as a conspiracy theory or claimed it was “debunked,” despite the evidence that pointed toward it and the ongoing investigation into the question under the Trump administration by the intelligence community.

The media was so intent on attacking President Donald Trump, they simply refused delivery on facts that would refute their effort to blame him for the virus.

But now, after not doing the work they should have been doing, some in media now seem mad that people are demanding an investigation of the lab leak theory.

We pointed out the NY Times COVID reporter who wanted us to stop talking about it already because the theory was “racist.”

But there’s more. Here’s the tweet from the Washington Post’s Paul Farhi, although Farhi deleted it.

“So the government will try to get to the bottom of this. But not Jan. 6?”

Then there was this one from CNN’s Sara Sidner.

“Let me get this straight,” Sidner tweeted. “When the threat of harm comes from outside our nation politicians clamor to investigate it. When the threat is home grown & lives within our own borders we are supposed to….. ignore it? Our democracy is in so much trouble.”

Wow. A three-hour riot that is already being investigated by multiple agencies and doesn’t need a partisan hatchet job added to that versus the potential cover-up of a pandemic that killed almost 600,000 Americans? Yes, I’d say there’s just a little bit of a reason to get to the bottom of how this pandemic originated. Our “democracy” is in great trouble if we aren’t looking into it, which is why it was so concerning that the Biden team had shut down the State Department investigation into the question. Our “democracy” is already in a bit of trouble with journalists who don’t seem to get they’re the ones who are supposed to be looking into this as well.

Remember Sidner’s network was the network that was running a “death counter” on their screen to stoke anger against President Donald Trump. Suddenly, that’s unimportant? Why would that be? So almost 600,000 dead, toss that to the side?

Notice how in both tweets Sidner and Farhi both suggest that if you didn’t have the commission there would be nothing. Talk about deceptive. These are “journalists.” What you wouldn’t have without the commission is a vehicle from Democratic lies and hatchet jobs on Republicans. If anyone thinks a commission put together by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was going to be independent, that’s delusional. It’s obviously already being investigated by the FBI at great length.

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