Ted Cruz Zings Joy Reid After She Uses Racial Slur and Accuses Him of Being a Race Traitor

I wrote earlier this week about the comments Sen. Ted. Cruz (R-Texas) made during a Tuesday Senate Rules and Administration Committee hearing on S.1, otherwise known as the “For the People” Act.


Democrats claim it will “expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy,” but Cruz countered them during the meeting by zeroing in on what the bill was really all about.

“This legislation would register millions of illegal aliens to vote,” Cruz noted. “It is intended to do that. It is intended to do that because Democrats have made the decision that millions of illegal aliens voting are likely to vote for Democrats.”

He also turned the left’s “Jim Crow 2.0” arguments around on them.

“[Schumer’s] right. Jim Crow laws were bigoted, racist, and disenfranchised millions of people,” Cruz claimed. “It is worth remembering that those Jim Crow laws were drafted by Democrats. They were implemented by Democrats and they kept Democrats in power. […] Well today, the Democrats are doing it again.”

Cruz throwing the left’s “Jim Crow” rhetoric back at them did not sit well with unhinged MSNBC host Joy Reid, who proceeded to use a racial slur to describe the Texas Senator and to accuse him of being a race traitor to the Hispanic community:

“Ted Cruz says a lot of stupid things. He does a lot of stupid things. But I personally, as a person of color, as a Black person, am beyond offended that he would dare use the word ‘Jim Crow’ when his party is literally a ‘Jim Crow’ party at this point trying to suppress the votes of people, including in his home state,” Reid began, referring to Cruz calling the For the People Act as “Jim Crow 2.0.”


[Reid] continued to rail against Cruz, claiming he “could give a damn about Jim Crow,” and that he’s “never raised once concern ever in his entire life … about Jim Crow or racism or discrimination.” Reid didn’t provide any evidence for her claim.


“And [Republicans are] going to do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen, including Stephen from Django Unchained, AKA Ted Cruz, who is working to stop fellow people of color from voting, which is amazing,” she said.



The next day, Cruz got wind of Reid’s rant and responded accordingly by dropping an inconvenient truth on her about how an increasing number of Hispanic voters are rejecting the left’s identity politics games and are moving to the Republican party “in large numbers”:

It’s true, as my colleague Nick Arama reported yesterday.

By the way, for those not familiar with the Django slur, here’s a reminder that this was not the first time an MSNBC host used the insult:

It’s disgusting, but this is who “woke” leftists really are. They are not about tolerance, not about “coexisting” or respecting a diverse range of viewpoints. It’s about toeing the liberal line, and if you are a well-intentioned minority voter who happens to think differently then you are a traitor to your race, sex, etc. There simply is no in-between for these people.

And at the rate Reid and other wokesters are going, look for even more Hispanic voters to turn to the GOP in upcoming elections. Because the data shows across the board that for many minorities, Democrats are going too far left with their support for things like defunding the police and implementing the Green New Deal. They’re bleeding key minority voting blocs as a result, which is their biggest nightmare.


Could not be happening to a more deserving group.

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