Van Jones Hardest Hit After Kamala Says She Agrees with Tim Scott on U.S. Not Being a 'Racist Country'

We’ve reported extensively today on the barrage of racist abuse posted on Twitter from so-called “tolerant” leftists after Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) gave the Republican response to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress last night.


Not only were vile comments like “token black Republican” and “Uncle Tom” spewed, but the racist term “Uncle Tim” trended for roughly 11 hours overnight before Twitter finally found the time to block it from the trending column.

What fauxfended Scott’s unhinged critics the most was him declaring during his speech that “America is not a racist country.” Here’s a prime example of the type of unhinged eruption Scott’s remarks caused:

While there was plenty more said along those lines about Scott last night, some of the same accounts that got “Uncle Tim” to trend overnight have gone strangely silent in the aftermath of an interview Vice President Kamala Harris did today in which she stated that she agreed with Scott that America was not a racist country:



Someone else who has gone silent, in light of Harris’ statement today, is CNN commentator Van Jones, who said this last night of Scott’s comments:

“He lost a lot of African-Americans by the tens of millions when he said America is not a racist nation,” Jones said. “You can say we are getting better, that we have come a long way … but it is clear that this country is still struggling with racism.”

“I thought he did himself a disservice by jumping that shark unnecessarily,” added Jones.

Will be interesting to see how Jones will “reframe” his criticisms of Scott’s speech now that the VP has weighed in. 😉

What’s especially frustrating about the debate on this is that Scott’s point was pretty clear. He didn’t say racism didn’t exist in America. He said the country itself was not a racist country. Big difference. Liberals heard something different, of course, because they must keep their false narrative alive for political purposes:


‘Nuff said.

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