Polls Indicate Some Trouble for Biden, Especially When It Comes to the Border

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Some new polls are offering an interesting snapshot of the public’s opinion of Joe Biden and some of the critical issues we are currently facing.

Now, often polls seem weighted toward Democrats. It also goes without saying that Democrats will be all-in for Biden, and the GOP will be largely disapproving of his actions. So the real question is: where are the independents lining up? Because that’s often what swings elections.


The opinion is varied, as one can see from the following polls.

According to the Daily Wire, while Democrats are inconsistent in their opinions on court-packing, with their opinion depending on whether it’s Biden or Donald Trump in charge, Republicans and Independents have been consistently opposing it, according to a poll from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy. Independents are strongly against court-packing, as well as doing away with the filibuster. That’s a positive sign.

From Wall Street Journal:

Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker finds consistently strong opposition among independents to such plans for structural changes, and concludes that moderate and unaffiliated voters did not vote for Joe Biden in 2020 “to turn the government upside-down” or “remake America.” Rather, they were hoping he would bring calm and perhaps “less bickering” to Washington, he adds. …

If Senate Democrats choose to make such radical changes despite widespread popular opposition, the new survey suggests they can expect a political reckoning in 2022. Independents saying they would be less likely to vote to re-elect their senators if they “voted to remove the filibuster rule and pack the Supreme Court” outnumber those saying they would be more likely by a more than 2-to-1 margin.


So if the Democrats do go all in on court-packing and the filibuster, it may come back to bite them, big time, in 2022.

The NBC/WSJ poll finds that 56 percent believe the nation is on the wrong track. and 82 percent of respondents say the country is divided. So, people are not buying that Biden has brought any “unity.”

Another big takeaway, according to Fox, is that Americans think that border security is worse under Joe Biden than it was under President Donald Trump by a whopping 46-15, with 33% thinking it was about the same.

Turns out Americans understand whose fault it is, and they aren’t buying into the Biden regime’s spin trying to blame President Donald Trump.


Most Americans also disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration, 52-34, and on border security, 51-35, according to Fox News’ polling.

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