CNN's Chris Cuomo Gets Rude Awakening After Saying Fox News 'Sold Fear' During Chauvin Trial

As we’ve documented extensively at this site over the years, lacking in self-awareness — though likely not specifically mentioned in the fine print — appears to be one of the top requirements for journalists who go to work for CNN.


This is demonstrated routinely by various prominent media figures at the network, whether it be through their obnoxious hall monitor Brian Stelter and his obedient sidekick Oliver Darcy, self-righteous “above it all” anchors like Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper, or the egotistical nighttime tag-team duo of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo especially has a talent for opening his mouth and inserting his foot, which is exactly what happened Tuesday night just a few hours after it was announced that the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty.

It started when Cuomo read a tweet from one of his 15 viewers who apparently was monitoring Sean Hannity’s coverage of the verdict. As per the norm, racism accusations were made against Hannity and his guests by the Twitter user, even though Hannity made it clear on his program that he agreed with the verdict:

Minutes later, Cuomo chimed in with his hot take on Fox’s coverage, proclaiming they were peddling “white fear” and the left being “menaces” to society. He finished his tweet by proclaiming the network that constantly trounces his in the ratings wars was guilty of operating off of the “fear sells” philosophy:


The only part of Cuomo’s rant that was right on the money was the bit about how Fox News opinion show hosts emphasize how much the left in its current form are a menace to society. Because with admitted socialists like AOC, her fellow Squad members, and the radicals in BLM basically calling the shots in the Democratic Party, they kinda sorta have become a menace, politically speaking. The stuff about “white fear” was pure nonsense, of course. But it was the “fear sells” accusation that especially set people off, considering Cuomo’s network’s own history:

Fact check: True.

Fact check: True.

Fact check: True.

And yes, there were references to irony and Cuomo being in desperate need of a mirror (and preferably one he hadn’t overused):


In fairness, all cable news outlets operate to a certain extent off of the “fear sells/if it bleeds, it leads” model, but in CNN’s case, generating fear, victimizing all Americans, and making them hate their country is the driving force behind every bit of their coverage.

Unfortunately, that won’t ever change. But the good thing is that whenever a media blowhard like Cuomo tries holding himself up as the standard-bearer of how to appropriately cover a big news story, there are plenty of receipts out there that prove how he is, as usual, full of hot air … and a rather stinky substance that we won’t mention here.

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