Pearls Are Clutched After Lauren Boebert, Dana Loesch Point out Inconvenient Truths About Biden's Gun Grab

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When it comes to gun rights, there are many prominent conservative women who do not suffer fools gladly. Two of them are Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and conservative talk show host Dana Loesch.


Despite the hate-filled threats and derogatory, often misogynistic bile that is thrown their way, both of them routinely speak truth to power regarding the Second Amendment and are not shy about correcting the rather large amount of media/Democrat misinformation that frequently gets spewed in the aftermath of mass shootings and gun control pushes by the left.

Such was the case earlier this week once President Biden took steps to implement the gun control agenda he promised as a candidate for president, first by nominating a very strange person to lead the ATF, and next by signing a series of executive orders under the guise of wanting to prevent future mass shooting incidents.

Boebert took to the Twitter machine Wednesday in anticipation of what Biden would be saying in his gun control speech, and laid out his agenda in stark terms:

Self-described Democrat and Navy veteran Molly Rogers, who has nearly 18,000 Twitter followers, was fauxfended by Boebert’s tweet and responded with this tiresome and bone-achingly stupid argument:


That is when Loesch, a former spokeswoman for the NRA, swooped in with a reality check:

As Twitchy reported, Loesch’s inconvenient truths predictably triggered so-called “feminists” who rushed to criticize her for what Rogers actually did (make an asinine comparison between abortion rights and gun rights), like this one:

… but as per the norm, Loesch was undeterred:

Indeed. As a woman, it irritates the hell out of me anytime some supposed feminist breaks out the “it’s easier to get a gun than it is to vote” and/or the “my uterus is more regulated than guns” arguments. They aren’t remotely true for all the reasons Loesch mentioned and more, but that doesn’t stop the gullible from making them because bogus left-wing narratives must prevail no matter what.


As for Ms. Rogers, well, she proceeded to bloviate about … bloviating, because that’s what bloviators often do:

Unfortunately for Rogers and other Democrats, the president’s gun control push is already backfiring on numerous fronts, as RedState senior editor Brandon Morse explains in his latest video:

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