Axios Pulls the 'Pounce and Seize' Card on Ron DeSantis

CBS News’ already tattered reputation is continuing to take a bruising in the aftermath of the deceptive report they ran on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis where they edited out a chunk of his response to a question from a “60 Minutes” reporter and declined to include information a key Democrat in the state offered that would have busted their DeSantis/Publix “pay to play” narrative.


Unfortunately, CBS News is not the only media outlet that has come out looking bad in this. There have been the numerous, other news organizations that have yet to weigh in on a stunningly bad hit piece that made the entire industry look bad and which went a long way towards confirming conservative claims that they are biased against Republicans.

And then there is Axios, which yesterday published a piece about the controversy that was widely (and deservedly) mocked and ridiculed. The piece was not about what “60 Minutes” did but rather DeSantis “seizing” on the story as a way of making further inroads with voters who already have a high level of distrust for the MSM:

Yeah … no. I’m fairly certain that the big story here is not DeSantis rightly pushing back on the smears “60 Minutes” tried to pass off as fact. The big story is actually that this fake news “story” that failed to pass basic journalism standards was allowed to air in the first place:


RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham helpfully pointed out that at least Axios was following the AP’s style guidelines on Republicans pouncing and seizing:

That said, Joe will need to add “milks” to the “pounce and seize” guidelines at some point in the future, it would seem:

In comments made Tuesday, DeSantis hammered the deceptive tactics of what he called the “corporate media”:


“It shows how dishonest they are — smear merchants. That’s why nobody trusts corporate media. They are a disaster in what they are doing.”


“I know corporate media thinks that they can just run over people. You ain’t runnin’ over this governor. I’m punchin’ back, and I’m gonna continue to do it until these smear merchants are held accountable.”

Ironically, it would appear that by focusing on DeSantis’ reaction to the hit piece rather than the hit piece itself, Axios has inadvertently proved the governor’s point about the dishonesty of the “smear merchants” in “corporate media” yet again.

They really do make it too darned easy sometimes.

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