Politico Reporter Gets Dunked by Laura Ingraham After Fretting Over 'Conspiratorial' Segment on Biden's Health

Politico Reporter Gets Dunked by Laura Ingraham After Fretting Over 'Conspiratorial' Segment on Biden's Health
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I wrote earlier about President Biden’s disastrous White House press conference from this afternoon and how he did not look well at all, appearing confused and out of it multiple times during the hour-plus event, having to look down at notes many times and seeming to lose his train of thought at various points.

In my piece I noted how questions about Biden’s mental health were the elephant in the room for journalists, who have shown a reluctance to raise the topic either in general during news panel discussions, with his spokespeople, and/or with Biden himself despite the issues being obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes.

This is unlike how things were during the Trump administration, of course, where news outlets routinely questioned President Trump’s mental health for no other reason than the fact they disagreed with his politics. Some so-called “reporters” including CNN’s resident chief media hall monitor Brian Stelter would devote entire segments to the subject, bringing on supposed “experts” to discuss the alleged issue and diagnose Trump from afar.

But as I noted above, these things are simply not supposed to be done when we have a Democratic administration, a point Politico reporter Quint Forgey seemed to be making in so many words with a scoldy-ish tweet he posted this morning recapping a Fox News segment where some of the contributors speculated on Biden’s mental health:

A few hours later, Ingraham calmly responded back with a Politico link from 2018 in which the news website devoted an entire piece to having “psychiatrists” make the case that it was their “duty to question the President’s mental state.”

“Was publishing this ‘conspiratorial’?”, she asked Forgey:

He did not respond, presumably because he realized the point had been made. If the media and Democrats could raise issues about Trump’s state of mind for four years, so too can Republicans, Fox News, and conservative media outlets.

RedState’s editor-at-large Kira Davis also responded accordingly:

And as far as pushing conspiracy theories about Presidents goes, here was Forgey doing that very thing in 2018:

As usual for the media, it’s do as I say and not do as I do. In this case, however, Forgey got hoisted by his own petard and in a very embarrassing way.

Nice work, Ms. Ingraham. Very nice indeed.

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