Jim Acosta Showed up to CPAC and It Went Exactly How You Think

Jim Acosta Showed up to CPAC and It Went Exactly How You Think
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If there’s one thing CNN’s Jim Acosta loves more than Jim Acosta, it’s getting Jim Acosta attention no matter what form that attention comes in, and Jim Acosta knew exactly what he needed to do in order to get some attention for Jim Acosta…he went to CPAC.

Acosta placed himself in the middle of the crowd right next to the Fox Nation booth on radio row where people were thickest. This, of course, attracted the attention of a lot of CPAC attendees who have a lot of reasons to not like the guy.

It wasn’t long before a crowd formed around him and he continued to make his way unopposed through the crowd but not without a “CNN sucks” chant beginning from the people.

It was almost everything Acosta could ask for. He got negative attention, surrounded by Trump supporters. The only thing he didn’t get was physical violence of any kind. That would have been worth its weight in gold to Acosta and CNN.

And this is a fact that needs to be highlighted. Acosta clearly walked through that crowd in an attempt to garner negative attention and see if he couldn’t stir something newsworthy up. Acosta is not a journalist who is there to report. Acosta is there to become the story.

Looking back at his work throughout the Trump era, it’s unmistakable just how unbiased Acosta is not. The greatest day of his career was the election of Donald Trump to the White House. He’d never had more eyes and ears pointed at him.

So it’s definitely worth it to walk through a crowd of Trump supporters, knowing just how much they dislike him.

Yet, despite that dislike, Acosta was not accosted physically.

That’s because the right is not the left. Even if we dislike someone to the point of disgust, we don’t resort to physical violence like children. The worst Acosta will get is some nasty words thrown his way and a chant about him and the company he works for.

When CNN tells you that Trump supporters are dangerous, remember that Acosta was able to walk through an entire crowd of them without harm. The same may not have happened if the ideologies were reversed.

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