Are You Okay? Jim Acosta, CNN Colleagues Suddenly Seem Concerned About Looting -- but There's a Problem

Are You Okay? Jim Acosta, CNN Colleagues Suddenly Seem Concerned About Looting -- but There's a Problem
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Not that it should surprise most people reading this, but CNN performance journalist Jim Acosta is spending his final days as a White House correspondent obsessing over what items are being removed from the Trump White House, and insinuated in tweets and in a “report” he filed with the network Thursday that some pieces were being looted by Trump aides and officials.

It started off with a photo tweet from him characterizing one image from the scene as looking “like an estate sale”:

Later, he tweeted about what he thought was an Abe Lincoln bust being lifted from the premises:

He then rushed to share his “findings” about the supposed looting on the state-run cable news outlet otherwise known as CNN:

HuffPo contributor Yashar Ali, who is no fan of President Trump’s, tried to intervene in Acosta’s looting rant by providing clarification on what was going on:

Not surprisingly, being interrupted with some facts contra to the false narrative he was establishing with his Twitter following didn’t matter to Acosta, who posted later that evening about “more stuff being moved out”:

The soon-to-be weekend anchor was so “concerned” about what was going on that he consulted with the White Hosue Historical Association, where they promptly dumped cold water on Acosta’s insinuations about White House looting:

Acosta’s equally unhinged CNN “New Day” colleague Alisyn Camerota all but accused the Trumps of looting from the White House as well, stating on the program Friday morning that she hoped “they’re not absconding with the bust. I hope that was theirs.”

CNN political analyst Errol Louis also chimed in and feigned concern about looting, and at one point stated “certainly one does hope that they’re not looting the place.”

I should note that the “concern” these CNN figures are showing about alleged looting is something of a new thing for them – because as BLM and Antifa rioters actually looted and set businesses on fire for months on end last year, we were told by CNN anchors and reporters that the looters and rioters were actually “peaceful protesters” who were exercising their First Amendment rights.

Too bad they didn’t show real concern about looting and rioting when it really mattered. But no one should be surprised they didn’t because, as we’ve documented numerous times before, CNN is simply not a news network. Rioter Apologist Network is a much more fitting description.

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