'Journalist' Jim Acosta Becomes Severely Triggered After Ron DeSantis Tells CNN Like It Is

'Journalist' Jim Acosta Becomes Severely Triggered After Ron DeSantis Tells CNN Like It Is
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As we’ve documented many times before, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has an almost unmatched ability to bring out the absolute worst in Democrats and the media while simultaneously showcasing his deft ability at handling them while under extreme pressure.

Case in point: DeSantis’ nuking of CNN “reporter” Rosa Flores during a recent contentious exchange where she tried to editorialize a supposed “question” about the vaccine rollout in Florida. For those who missed DeSantis’ answers in what inarguably ranks in the top five of his best media moments to date, watch below:

Oftentimes when we see a Republican in a heated back and forth with a CNN media figure, it’s the network’s notorious White House correspondent Jim Acosta playing the “journalist” role. But in this case, it wasn’t. Not surprisingly, that didn’t matter to Acosta, who proceeded to pretend to be Flores’ knight in shining armor, rushing to her defense while eventually making it all about – who else? – himself:

Hmm. Come to think of it, we have seen “routines” in the past where interruptions and insults occur during press briefings – and many of them have happened courtesy of Acosta’s tiresome performance journalism act, which has backfired upon him at times even among his fellow journalists.

Not only that, but DeSantis has frequently been on the receiving end of a barrage of unfair and liberally biased negative coverage from the Gov. Andrew Cuomo apologists at CNN since day one of the Wuhan virus pandemic, so let’s not pretend for even one second that anyone at Cuomo News Network is interested in “fair and balanced reporting” on DeSantis here.

Are there important questions and concerns to be asked and aired about the vaccine rollout in states across the country? Absolutely. But no one should be fooled into thinking Flores was genuinely interested in getting informative answers from DeSantis:

And as former CNN producer turned media analyst Steve Krakauer explains, it’s all about “the tell”:

And by “they”, he’s not just talking about Flores, if you catch my drift (here’s looking at you, Mr. Acosta).

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