NYT Hilariously Stealth Edits a Paul Krugman Column After He Gets Caught Undercutting His Own Claims

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As we’ve documented extensively here at RedState, liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is prone to pushing far-out conspiracy theories about Republicans, theories that were no doubt pulled from the murky pits of the leftist fever swamps he visits on those rare occasions he feels the need to venture out of the NYC bubble in which he currently resides.


When he’s not peddling zany conspiracy theories about the political opposition, Kruggie is busy masquerading as a pompous CNN anchor, doing his level best to pass off half-truths and gaslighting as “facts” in Twitter threads and columns, and patting himself on the back for them later once he’s basked in the sweet afterglow of RTs and attaboys.

The latest instance of Mr. Krugman tossing whoppers all over the place (and getting caught) was in his most recent column, where, in a show of a complete lack of self-awareness, he asked the question “How will Biden deal with Republican sabotage?”

It was in the below paragraph of the original piece where Krugman reached “pants on fire” territory, claiming Biden will be the first president ever to face a party that refuses to believe he was legitimately elected, and then claiming that Democrats “never” said Trump was illegitimate:

When Joe Biden is inaugurated, he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge — and I don’t mean the pandemic, although Covid-19 will almost surely be killing thousands of Americans every day. I mean, instead, that he’ll be the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy. And no, Democrats never said Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.


Both of those claims are demonstrably false, which we know not just because of the numerous examples laid out in a thread by Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra here of Democrats including Hillary Clinton calling Trump an “illegitimate” president, but also because Krugman himself has referred to Trump as being the “illegitimate” leader of this country in piece after piece, and tweet after tweet.

Twitter user neontaster provides the receipts:

In fact, Krugman was so widely mocked and ridiculed for his statements (and deservedly so) that the New York Times stealth-edited his column to where it now reads like this:

And no, Democrats by and large were not claiming Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.

And that revised claim is also not true, as Saavedra pointed out with tons of examples.


Democrats and their allies in the mainstream press have been on a mission the last few weeks of trying to erase the history of how Trump was treated as an illegitimate president over the last four years – this from the same people who say Republicans must accept the presidential election results as they currently stand and move on in the interests of “healing and unity” and all that jazz.

Ironically, it is – in part – thanks to the Paul Krugmans of the world that many Republicans are in no hurry to play along. Krugman and his fellow Democrats set the precedent for this long before Trump was elected, and they have no right to complain now that the shoe is in some respects on the other foot.

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