'Feminism!' Disgraced Democrat Katie Hill Takes Swipe at ACB's Clothing Choices, Immediately Regrets It

'Feminism!' Disgraced Democrat Katie Hill Takes Swipe at ACB's Clothing Choices, Immediately Regrets It
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Not that it’s been a surprise to anyone who pays attention to how they operate, but so-called “feminists” have done themselves no favors in recent weeks in the “GIRRRLLL POWER!” department – especially as it relates to the confirmation hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

As my RedState colleague Brandon Morse reported Tuesday, the same women who have said for years that “real women” can have it all including both a family and a career have launched some pretty vicious attacks against a highly accomplished woman who has done just that over the course of her life.

They’ve attacked Judge Barrett’s motherhood, they’ve attacked her children and her faith, and even more bizarrely, have attacked her style of dress.

The most prominent example of the latter line of petty attack comes from former Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA), who resigned in disgrace last fall after RedState revealed in October that Hill was involved in an illegal and unethical “throuple” relationship with her husband and one of her female campaign staffers.

Hill, who has become a feminist icon riding the victimhood gravy train all the way to a movie that will soon be made based on her life story, thought it’d be a good idea to take to the Twitter machine earlier today and take a swipe at Judge Barrett’s clothing choices for the confirmation hearings.

The tweet has since been deleted, but – as they say – the Internet is forever, and so are the screengrabs:

I mean – seriously! This is one Ms. Hill really, really should have sat out.

A couple of days before that, Hill posted this cutesy tweet advising men not to “interrupt” women or something:

Unfortunately for Katie, it’s “feminists” like her who desperately need interrupting – as in taking away their cellphones and laptops before they get the chance to “think” and post idiotic comments that have the effect of removing all doubt as to just how stupidly hypocritical they actually are.

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