Fox Host's Must-Read Thread Nails Why Rioters Feel Emboldened To Shoot Officers - and How They Can Be Stopped

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP
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A screen grab from a security camera video released the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shows a gunman walking up to sheriff’s deputies and opening fire without warning or provocation in Compton, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via AP)


Even before the violent Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots took center stage over the summer after the death of George Floyd, many on the right were calling on Democrats and their diehard supporters on the far left to cool it with the anti-police rhetoric. The concern was that their constant bashing of law enforcement officers before actual facts were known in high-profile cases was going to continue to have dangerous and deadly consequences for those who put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniforms and badges.

Unfortunately, Democrats – most notably those in positions of power and who want even greater power – did not listen, and as a result shootings against police officers and sheriff’s deputies have continued to happen, with the most recent instance being the horrific Saturday ambush shootings of two L.A. County sheriff’s deputies as they sat in their patrol car.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain took to the Twitter machine Monday morning and posted a must-read thread where he pointed out why rioters and others who hate the police feel emboldened to commit these type of despicable acts against members of the law enforcement community – and how they can be stopped.

He started off by referencing the attempted assassinations of the young deputies in L.A. County from Saturday, noting that while we didn’t yet know the motivation of the shooter (though it’s not hard to guess, considering the “ACAB” environment that infests the city of Los Angeles) that the incident drove him to talk about some inconvenient truths:


He then went on to talk about how the “ACAB climate” has been “fostered by radicals” like BLM and “tolerated” by those (mostly on the left) who push the narrative in hopes that they won’t be on the receiving end of allegations of “racism”:

Cain also discussed how the “lie” that officers are “hunting down” black men purely out of racist motivations was “provably false” but because it’s said over and over again, people believe it:


Cain then zeroed in on the fact that BLM “weaponizes” this lie in the extreme, and that while everyone should believe black lives matter, that the radical, admittedly Marxist nature of the Black Lives Matter movement was something altogether different, and violent:

The lies about officers from BLM are then regurgitated by “naive people” who want to feel good and superior about Doing Something without understanding a word of what they’re talking about, Cain tweeted:

These same people who want to feel like they’re helping “the cause” are in reality helping enable the environment that emboldens people who hate police officers to commit violence against them – including murder. The false claims about officers helps no one, not police officers, and not young black men, states Cain:


Cain then pointed out that calling people who rejected the Black Lives Matter movement “racists” was not going to solve anything, and that discussions about the radical nature of the BLM group were not as cut and dry and their supporters on the left wanted people to think they were:

Lastly, Cain said something that can’t be repeated often enough: People need to stop virtue signaling for attention and acceptance because it’s literally hurting (and killing) people. Instead, he noted, they should do the right thing by simply living virtuously and telling the truth:

We can’t count on Democrats to be responsible enough to walk back their anti-police rhetoric (though some of them think they’re fooling people by trying), but we should be able to count on Republicans including President Trump to amplify the point from here through election day and beyond that for purely political reasons, Democrats are doing more harm than good to the communities they claim to represent by fostering a climate of hate towards police officers, which in turn often has deadly consequences for those in uniform who have sworn to serve and protect.


We should be able to have honest discussions about police reform and the interactions between law enforcement officers and members of the black community without labeling every single officer a “racist b*stard.” It’s as simple as that. That Democrats can’t and won’t do this is a BIG problem and one that should not and cannot be ignored.

You can read Cain’s full thread unrolled here.

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