Damning Thread on Lancaster, PA Shooting Shows How False Media Narratives Help Set Stage for Violent Riots

Lancaster County DA
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Lancaster, PA Shooting – photo via the Lancaster County DA’s Office.


As my colleague Shipwreckedcrew reported this morning, there was an officer-involved shooting death in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Sunday that occurred after a knife-wielding 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz charged at a Lancaster city police officer, according to bodycam footage.


For those who missed the video of the incident, please watch below:

The officer was reportedly responding to a 911 call from the family for help. Family members say Munoz was off his medication for schizophrenia, and that they called Crisis Intervention first in an effort to not escalate the situation. They told CBS 21 that Crisis Intervention urged them to call the police instead.

As you can see from the above video, the situation obviously escalated very quickly, from the time the officer showed up at the home to the time shots were fired. Unfortunately, some mainstream media reports on the incident have painted a false narrative of what happened.

And though violent rioters descended on the Lancaster PD quickly after the incident Sunday, the type of shoddy/incomplete reporting done by local and national media outlets that gave no context in their headlines for how and why the shooting occurred only helps fan the flames of the belligerent agitators who are just spoiling for another reason to violently attack police officers and destroy communities.

Twitter user Drew Holden put together a detailed thread with screengrabs included to document the numerous instances of headlines (and in some cases subheadlines and first paragraphs) not encapsulating the full story. The thread was too lengthy to include all of his tweets here, but you’ll get the gist of Holden’s point after reading some of what he posted:



Here are how a couple of local news outlets reported on the story and the “protests” that followed:

Like “Fox and Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain did in a similar thread on why rioters feel emboldened, Holden noted that bad reporting on these situations that “obfuscates more than it reveals” makes the situation worse for everyone:

Holden also speculated that this type of (in some cases willful) errant media reporting serves only to fuel “anti-police animus”:

Both Holden and Cain are right on the money here. Between the mainstream media’s constant gaslighting on riots and Democrats helping fan the flames with their self-serving virtue-signaling about how all police departments are allegedly racist and must be defunded, the jobs of police officers and sheriff’s deputies alike have gotten much harder and much more dangerous, leaving communities less safe.


You can read Holden’s full unrolled thread, which contains other tweets I didn’t include, here.

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