Paul Krugman Gets the Epic Dunking He Deserves After Appalling Series of 9/11 Anniversary Hot Takes

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Economist Paul Krugman poses before a conversation at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)



If someone would have told me yesterday that Paul Krugman was going to post 9/11 anniversary hot takes that were extremely inappropriate and unhinged – even for him, I would have told them that a dog will probably bite a man today, too.

If that same person had also said his takes would be so bad even the left would be dunking on him as hard as the right normally does, I’d have told them they were full of it, because Krugman is viewed by liberals as a leftist icon and hero – and one who has TDS down to an exact science.

But I would’ve been wrong because that’s exactly what happened this morning after the liberal New York Times columnist took to the Twitter machine to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Among other things, he compared them to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic – as an excuse to own President Trump. He also engaged in some pretty farcical revisionist history on what American life was like post-9/11, which also had people on the left and right coming down on him big time.

Here’s how it started out:


Bzzzzt!! Say what?

As per the norm, Kruggie got a number of things wrong in his Lincoln Project-esque thread. We’ll start with the whole “national unity” thing, where he conveniently forgot a few things:

Also, to say “daily behavior wasn’t drastically affected” simply because he and his wife were able to “take a lovely trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands” sounds about as tone-deaf and privileged (their rules) as his tweets from a few days ago where he declared that the violent Antifa/BLM-style “urban anarchy” seen daily in Democrat-run cities like NYC was a myth simply because he was able to safely take a morning jog in his neighborhood without being accosted by “black-clad anarchists.”


There was also his comparison of 9/11 to the coronavirus outbreak, which many found disgusting and tasteless:

Liberals also took great offense to Krugman’s claim that “there wasn’t a mass outbreak of anti-Muslim sentiment and violence” after 9/11:


The best response to Krugman was one with very few words:

I’ve recommended before that he delete his account, but his massively inflated ego told me no.

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