Seattle City Councilwoman Mic Drops 'Goofy White' BLM Agitators for 'Terrorizing' Her Neighborhood

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Elliot Armitage, a 2020 graduate of Ballard High School, holds his mortarboard cap that reads “Defund the Police” as he prepares to take part in a cap and gown Black Lives Matter march with other high school graduates, Monday, June 15, 2020, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


A Native American Seattle city councilwoman is blasting back after repeated instances of Black Lives Matter agitators aggressively targeting her home and scaring her family and neighbors over her stance on defunding the police.

As my colleague Nick Arama has previously reported, “peaceful protesters” have paid unfriendly visits to the homes of several city council members including feckless Mayor Jenny Durkan and police chief Carmen Best in recent weeks as part of their radical commitment to defund the police.

Councilwoman Deborah Juarez, in particular, has faced numerous incidents of demonstrators invading her neighborhood because even though she has proclaimed she’s a proponent of partially defunding the police, she will not sign on to any pledge from “protesters” to defund them by 50%.

Last week, Juarez ripped them a new one in an epic rant, suggesting that marchers who she alleged were co-opting the BLM movement were a classic example of “white privilege” in action:

“They put my personal cellphone number, my address and started putting pictures of my home and address on Twitter and Facebook, and then I started getting vicious calls,” Juarez said.

Protesters have showed up at her house by the dozens a few times, shining their car headlights into her windows at night and using a bullhorn to chant and hurl insults, she said. She stayed at a motel one night and warned family members to keep away.

People also spray-painted names such as “corporate bootlicker” and obscene messages on her street, and they continue to send her harassing and threatening texts.

“This is my life. This is home. This is not Coachella. This is not City Hall,” Juarez said. “Also, I’m not the toxic dumping ground where you need to come talk about your white privilege and how you need to talk about Black lives, because you sure as f—k don’t care about my life.”


Juarez went on to talk about how her vote on defunding the police did not even matter because all but two of the nine council members had already agreed to cut police funding by 50%. Because of this, Juarez speculated that the only reason the agitators were confronting her at her home at this point was “to purely terrorize me.”

She then laid into the “goofy white” leftists wearing BLM shirts who she says know nothing about her life and what she’s done for “BIPOC” (translation below):

“The hypocrisy of these goofy white people who have these Black Lives Matter T-shirts are all of a sudden ‘woke’ and talking about centering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) is bullshit,” Juarez said. “Because they didn’t live our lives. They didn’t live our trauma. That’s the hypocrisy that breaks my heart because they don’t know who I am.”

Native American groups in western Washington state have condemned the harassment against Juarez.

A person doesn’t have to be a fan of Juarez’s politics to agree that what “protesters” are doing in targeting elected officials at their homes is unacceptable and wrong. At the same time, however, I have to wonder what any of the council members targeted including Juarez expected after years of coddling extremists in their city? Not a single one of them deserves to be threatened and have lights shone into their homes in the middle of the night, but when you give agitators free rein of your city for so long, at a certain point they are going to take things to the next level, regardless of the various minority cards one might play.


Why? Because they’ve learned that stomping their feet, yelling into bullhorns, and intimidating local leaders gets results.

Thankfully at this point, every council member can still pick up the phone and call the police. But the way things are going in Seattle, it won’t be long until a massive number of police officers are laid off and services are cut way back. Who will they call in the middle of the night then?


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