#Journalism: Reuters Gets Ratioed Big Time After Tweet on Portland Riots Reads Like Antifa Propaganda

AP Photo/Noah Berger
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Green lines cast by protesters’ laser pointers cross the darkened lobby of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse as federal officers wait for a possible skirmish with demonstrators Friday, July 24, 2020, in Portland, Ore. The beams, which can damage eyes, are routinely aimed at U.S. Marshals guarding the courthouse. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)


On Monday I wrote about how even other journalists are pointing out how badly some national news outlets are gaslighting their readers about the violent “protests” that have been taking place in Democrat-run cities like Seattle and Portland over the last several weeks.

The New York Times provided one recent example on Thursday with this tweet where they took the word of one of those “peaceful protesters” who said the protests were “dying down, and then the feds showed up” as the gospel truth. They also featured other “protesters” talking about how “peaceful” it had allegedly been in Portland until the feds arrived.

Fox Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin blasted the NYT in response. “This is why faith in media continues to plummet,” he tweeted after seeing the video. “These are not unprovoked attacks by the Feds. Last night they gave no less than 8 warnings to stay back from the fence,” Melugin noted in another tweet. “People still scaled it and lit fires. This didn’t seem to make it into NYT’s edit.”


In another shameful instance of mainstream media gaslighting about the Portland riots, Reuters posted a tweet this morning that read like pure Antifa propaganda:

“Whisking away demonstrators in unmarked cars” and “tear-gassing activist mothers”?

First things first: the whole “unidentified federal officers” lie perpetuated by Democrats and the media alike has been thoroughly debunked by my RedState colleague Nick Arama.

Second, not a single news outlet – not even Reuters – has reported on any evidence that the vast majority of the alleged “protest moms” are actually mothers. And even if they are mothers, if they chose to participate in a violent demonstration why should they be treated any differently than any of the other agitators who are attacking federal buildings and the officers who are defending them at what are supposed to be “peaceful protests”?


Third, same same goes for Portland’s feckless Mayor Ted Wheeler. Don’t want to be on the receiving end of tear-gas? Don’t join in with the violent mob.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who knows the Portland riot scene inside and out and literally has the scars to prove it, pushed back on Reuters’ claims:

This tweet probably best sums up Reuters’ characterization of events:

It’s like they’re not even trying to hide their bias anymore.


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