Trump Hilariously Trolls Dr. Fauci With Video After Disastrous First Pitch at Yankees-National Game

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Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci throws out the ceremonial first pitch at Nationals Park before the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals play an opening day baseball game, Thursday, July 23, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


As my RedState colleague Bonchie wrote Thursday, NIAID director Dr. Fauci threw out the first pitch before the start of the New York Yankees-Washington Nationals game last night after much fanfare and hype was stirred up by the mainstream media in the leadup to the big moment.

Fauci’s “pitch” left a bit to be desired, which can also said about other things he’s done throughout the course of the pandemic. But in fairness, pitching is not his area of professional expertise:

In spite of the embarrassing sequence, there were people who believed that Fauci’s pitch coupled with the fact that all players and coaches kneeled in a show of support for the “Black Lives Matter” group was supposed to set off President Trump. Here’s one such example:


It didn’t. Instead, Trump was hosting a baseball “opening day” event at the White House with youth baseball players and former New York Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher Mariano Rivera:

Better still, an hour and a half or so after Fauci’s disastrous first pitch, Trump shared this video of his own pitching abilities. Clearly, Trump’s aim is much better:

Here’s more on the event, via

They were preceded by two rows of Little Leaguers playing catch there.

“You were the greatest reliever of all time,” said Trump, who awarded Rivera the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year. “You had a pitch that broke a lot of bats, Mariano.”

Trump then invoked the late Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner, according to White House pool reports.

“I’ve watched many, sitting with George, good old George who is watching you right now,” Trump said. “He’s very proud of you, but sitting with George and I watched you break more bats.”

”The Lord gave me that great pitch,” Rivera said of his trademark cutter.


Not sure about anyone else, but as talk of first pitches was going on yesterday I was reminded about the pretty impressive first pitch President Bush made after 9/11 at Yankee Stadium:

I have no doubt the Usual Suspects are pitching (no pun intended) little fits about Trump trolling Fauci with the pitching video in the middle of a pandemic, but in this writer’s humble opinion it provided us with the humor break we all need right about now.



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