How to Stay Sane in the Midst of All the Media Gaslighting

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They’re “not generally unruly,” MSNBC’s Ali Velshi said last month of the Minneapolis riots as buildings burned behind him. Screengrab via MSNBC.


Earlier this evening on Twitter I came across a video from CBS New York reporter Ali Bauman which showed a crowded New York City street filled with protesters who weren’t social distancing. Some of them were line dancing in order to “pass the time”, according to Bauman, while waiting to find out whether or not the city was going to vote to defund the police.

In addition to the lack of social distancing, a number of the dancers either weren’t wearing masks or were wearing them below their chins, which is not the way the CDC recommends masks be worn for protection during the Wuhan virus pandemic:

Because I’m fed up to HERE with the hypocrisy of the left and media when it comes to following CDC guidelines on staying safe during the virus outbreak, I pointed out the mask and distancing issues in a tweet response to the video:

Not long after that, my mentions blew up with angry leftists who became triggered over the inconvenient truths, and who also proceeded to just flat out lie about whether or not people were wearing masks in the video. It clearly shows that numerous people weren’t, but I got several comments along the lines of “literally everyone is wearing a mask.” Here are a couple of examples:

No, they weren’t. There were literally several people either not wearing masks or wearing them under their chins. Far more of them were not social distancing.

In fact, as I write this, people are continuing to make the demonstrably false claim. Most, of course, are conveniently ignoring what I said about the lack of social distancing in the video, which is a lot more prominent and obvious when you watch it.

The back and forth over the CBS News video in my mentions tonight is emblematic of a larger problem taking place in American newsrooms right now called “gaslighting.” And because “journalists” like CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have made this tactic a habit, and because these same media figures let Democrats get away with it, their viewers and supporters think it’s okay, too. Because narratives and all and Orange Man Bad.

It’s not a new trick in the left’s arsenal, of course. But it’s gotten out of hand, and it’s happening at an extremely volatile time in our nation’s history where cooler heads and clear thinkers need to prevail over vicious left-wing anarchistic rage mobs who have gone way beyond protesting for justice for George Floyd’s death to aggressively canceling people for WrongThink, looting and setting businesses on fire, trespassing on private property, dangerously stalking and cornering drivers in the streets, assaulting people (including journalists), and in the most reprehensible cases, killing people.

So what’s a person who sees all this gaslighting going on and thinks they’re going out of their mind do to stay sane?

This is going to sound cliché but, outside of taking a break from social media and news programs for a few days at a time, this is the best advice I can give:

Hold strong to the objective truth. There is such a thing.

No matter how crazy it gets in the coming months here, hold on to it. Because after all the smoke and dust clears from this storm, it may be all any of us have left to put the broken pieces of our country back together.


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