Venezuelan Woman Shares Painful Reminder of What Happens When Leftist Mobs Go Unchallenged in Viral Video

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Spray paint that reads “Yall Not Tired Yet?” is seen on the base of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, early Sunday, May 31, 2020, the morning after protests over the death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


As I noted Thursday, people across the country have become frustrated by the lack of leadership shown in cities and states where historical statues and monuments continue to get vandalized and pulled down by angry leftist rage mobs while law enforcement officers stand back and watch, and mayors and governors make lame excuses.

There’s even a growing sense of frustration among conservatives that too few Republican leaders are stepping up to the plate to push back on the leftist destruction, mayhem, and rewriting of history that is taking place in American newsrooms and classrooms as we speak.

It is perhaps with all that in mind that a Venezuelan expatriate living in the U.S. by the name of Elizabeth Rogliani took to TikTok recently to warm Americans about what happens when organized leftist rage mobs are allowed to go unchecked, socialistic leaders come into power, and left-wing history revisionists dominate journalism and academia. Here’s what she said:

“Why do I even worry about some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing? Why do I care?

It’s because the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela. Statues came down, Chavez didn’t want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names. Then came the [school] curriculum. Then some movies couldn’t be shown, then certain TV channels, and so on and so forth.

You guys think it can’t happen to you, I’ve heard this so many times. But always be on guard. Never believe something can’t happen to you. You need to guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed.

We didn’t believe it could happen to us. Most Venezuelans – Cubans warned us – and we were like, ‘[This is] Venezuela, we know about freedom. That’s not going to happen here.’ Yet it happened. And there are literally a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.”


This woman gets it. Watch her get right to the heart of the matter in the video below:

When you consider the fact that it’s not just Confederate statues being pulled down now but also statues of the Founding Fathers and other prominent historical figures, you realize that it was never just about “just” taking away painful reminders of the Confederacy: It was about rewriting history and turning this country into something it was never supposed to be.

Rogliani is right. Republicans, conservatives, and other freedom-loving people should not sit idly by and watch this happen from the sidelines. Speak up and out and often, but choose your battles wisely – and not just on social media. Write your elected officials who represent you at all levels of government in order to let them know where you stand – and where you expect them to stand if they want your support at the ballot box – on what’s happening.

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