The CHAZ/CHOP 'Tourism Videos' Have Arrived and They Are Something Else

Towmhall Media/Julio Rosas
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Dumpster fire near the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle. Image via Townhall Media/Julio Rosas.


As I wrote earlier this week, it’s been fascinating – and not in a good way – to see Democrats like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and many MSM reporters continue to state that Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP is a “peaceful” place with a “block party atmosphere.” Some in the media have likened it to a “street festival“, while Durkan recently predicted the occupied zone could very well turn into a “summer of love.”


It’s gaslighting in the extreme. The reality on the ground is actually much different than these gaslighters would like for people to think it is, as my RedState colleagues and I have previously reported.

Because the media and Democrats have been insistent on telling everybody one thing when people can see with their own eyes even in the midst of live segments that all is not well behind the CHAZ walls, parody “tourism videos” of what’s happening in the occupied areas are being created to mock their absurd claims.

The first one comes courtesy of the Media Research Center, which tells you what you can expect upon arrival:

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson created one of his own for those “sick of living in capitalist America, sick of your freedoms and rights, and security and due process”:

While the videos are humorous, there’s also a serious side to them as well. This is 6 blocks of an actual American city being taken over and occupied by left-wing extremists – and all with the blessings of feckless Democratic “leaders” like Durkan and Inslee. It’s so bad there that even Portland Mayor and noted Antifa apologist Ted Wheeler (D) is “not impressed” with what he’s seen and heard of it.


It’s time for Seattle to go the Asheville, NC and Portland routes and get this “camp” dismantled. The longer they wait, the more dangerous the situation becomes for everyone involved.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Seattle and its politics, this should not be happening anywhere in America. At all.

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