Tucker Carlson Exposes Radical Agenda of 'Black Lives Matter' Leaders and Politicians Who Cower in Fear (Watch)

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Demonstrators protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Friday, May 29, 2020, in Washington, near the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


Though Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has found himself on the receiving end of a cancellation attempt by online left-wing “outrage” mobs over his spot-on criticisms of the radical Black Lives Matter movement over the last couple of weeks, the segment he did Monday night on their mob rule-style tactics as a way of advancing their agenda proved he has no plans to back down. Not one bit.

Carlson went on for over 17 minutes not just talking about the group’s far-left agenda in detail, but also correctly pointing out that there is a difference in affirming that “black lives matter” and stating that you agree with the political group known as Black Lives Matter.

Saying you believe black lives matter is a no-brainer. Every person in the world should believe that, and anyone who doesn’t believe it should. But saying you’re on board with the extremist agenda of the BLM group itself means something entirely different, and brings up a whole list of issues that should be up for discussion and debate.

But the radical leaders of BLM and their supporters in the media and on the left are using any and all disagreement with the group as a way to shut people down or otherwise cancel them by simply yelling “racism.” For example, if you say you support the police, too, you are automatically branded a racist. If you have concerns that defunding the police will make America a far more dangerous place, that makes you a racist, too.


Carlson stated that because Black Lives Matter has a political agenda, people should be able to feel free about discussing what they’re demanding and if such demands are right or wrong for their communities and the country. It makes sense, because what they’re advocating will impact all Americans.

But over the last two weeks, Black Lives Matter has been treated as though they are above criticism and scrutiny, with critics being banished from the public debate square for heresy. As Carlson explained last night, shutting down the right of people to debate ideas without fear of retaliation is “un-American” and should be condemned:

“Imagine a world,” the host said later, “where you are punished for questioning the behavior of the president or for insulting your local mayor. You probably can’t imagine that because it’s too bizarre. It is un-American but that is where we are right now. Black Lives Matter has changed the rules and here is the first new rule: No criticizing Black Lives Matter.

“You can be fired from your job if you disobey. Many Americans have been,” he said.


“Black Lives Matter now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” Carlson said. “This is unprecedented for an American political movement but Black Lives Matter is more powerful than that. It has singlehandedly revised our moral framework …”

“Affirming the fundamental equality of all people is now considered hate speech,” he added. “You can be fired for saying it. Again, many people have been. This is a dangerous moment.”


Carlson went on to explain that in dangerous times like these that America needed real leadership, politicians and other public officials willing to stand up to the mob regardless of what the political cost could ultimately be come election time, though he seemed to believe it would benefit them politically to take a stand on this issue.

“If you can’t tell the truth when the truth actually matters, then nothing you say matters,” he stated about people who were unwilling to stand up to rage mobs out of fear of being canceled.

It was another great push-back to the gaslighting being done by other media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, and Democratic and Republican leaders alike who don’t have the backbone to stand up and say “enough’s enough.”


Read the full transcript of Carlson’s segment on BLM here.


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