NYC Health Cmte. Chair Reveals How Dems Will Spin Wuhan Virus Outbreaks Two Weeks From Now, and It's Pathetic

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Protesters march down the street during a solidarity rally for George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)



That New York City and state officials have failed the people of New York on so many levels on the issue of managing the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is not shocking news, nor is it new news. I mean, when even the New York Times unleashes fury on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s and Gov. Andrew Coumo’s ongoing failures at coming up with a coherent and unified strategy, you know it’s got to be bad. Because the Times enjoys dropping the hammer on Democrats about as much as they do walking on broken glass barefooted.

Sadly, the leadership failures continue to this very day, as exemplified by two tweets posted by Democratic state representative Mark Levine, who also happens to be the chair of the NYC Council health committee. We’ll get to those in just a minute.

As the protests over the death of George Floyd have gotten bigger and more crowed by the day in cities like New York, very few of the same Democrats lecturing to and locking up Reopen protesters just a few weeks ago for violating their COVID-19 executive orders have had much to say about the possibility that the George Floyd protests will lead to another widespread virus outbreak two weeks from now. There have been scattered mentions from a few Democrats here and there about making sure people wear a mask, but there have been zero – count ’em – zero arrests for the failure to social distance, unlike with Reopen protesters.


In fact, in some cities like mine (Charlotte, NC), city officials have joined in the marches, some wearing masks, but NONE social distancing. Some have participated in prayer circles, holding hands, body to body next to some people who aren’t wearing masks and who have been sweating for hours.

Needless to say, that’s left conservatives who were scolded just a few weeks ago about how they were selfish people who would be willing to risk killing senior citizens just to get a haircut calling out the hypocrisy, and wondering what Democrats would say two weeks from now if we started seeing outbreaks in protest cities across the country.

Levine gave us the answer today on Twitter, and it was absolutely pathetic:

Pardon my French, but this is nothing but pure woke bull sh*t.

Police officers aren’t forcing any of these people to share a bullhorn. They aren’t forcing them to stand face to face with police officers in a deliberately confrontational manner, where there is the potential to for virus exposure. Police officers are not forcing marchers to stand shoulder to shoulder when they march. Police also aren’t forcing them to lay on the street, where Lord only knows how many germs are present. Police also aren’t forcing them to assault other officers and bystanders, and they’re not forcing them to form mobs to loot stores and start fires, all of which leads to mass arrests.


But yeah, other than, that, the Wuhan virus outbreaks we may see in a couple of weeks will totally be all about racism or something.

What utter and complete garbage. But I guess we shouldn’t expect any better from people who think virtue signaling makes you look smart. Flashback:

Really, New York Democrats. Can y’all not do any better than elect clowns like this?

(Hat tip: CNS News)


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