MSNBC's Chris Hayes Gets Schooled After Wondering Why Armed Militiamen Weren't Treated Like Minneapolis Rioters

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes – screengrab via “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”


There are times when you read a hot take from someone where you ask yourself “How on earth did this person come to such a bizarre conclusion?”


Such was the case for me and many others after MSNBC’s Chris Hayes weighed in on the massive rioting and looting that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota last night after the police-involved death of George Floyd.

Hayes’s take was different from other crazy hot takes from the left only in how he compared the police reaction to the Minneapolis riots to the police reaction to the armed militiamen in Michigan who were part of a “reopen” march a few weeks ago that eventually made its way into the statehouse.

Here’s how Hayes compared the two. Make sure to watch the video clip all the way through to really get the full sense of just how ridiculous his comparison was:

This left a lot of people including me scratching their heads, and wondering how the hell he didn’t understand the differences between the two:


As the Federalist’s Sean Davis also pointed out, other members of the mainstream media will take a different view in their comparisons of the Michigan protesters vs. the Minneapolis rioters because narratives:


Case in point:

Also, maybe someone should show Hayes this video clip of what Minneapolis looks like today in the aftermath of rioters burning down everything in sight last night, and then wonder again why the police reactions differed:

The video footage speaks for itself.

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