Kellyanne Conway Zeroes in on Why Voters Shouldn't Trust Twitter's Fact Checks on Anyone

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Twitter’s pathetic attempt at “fact checking” President Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballot voting being ripe for fraud has sparked major backlash among conservatives who, in turn, have fact checked Twitter’s erroneous claim that Trump’s remarks were “unsubstantiated.”

Trump himself has pushed back, promising “big action to follow!” after alleging that “Twitter has now shown that everything we have been saying about them (and their other compatriots) is correct.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the developing situation, and during the interview, she got to the heart of the matter as to why conservatives and independent voters don’t trust and should not trust Twitter to fact check anyone – not just because Twitter’s own so-called “head of integrity” has frequently bashed Trump, but also because of who they rely on for their fact checks:

“These people have got nothing important right over the last three years, beginning with the very election where they were relying on their own data.”

“I have a treasure trove of peoples’ articles of how Hillary Clinton wasn’t even saying Donald Trump’s name, Barack Obama has hardly [uttered] Hillary Clinton’s name because they all thought that the election was decided long before that,” Conway continued. “Why? Because there’s very little respect for democracy.”


Conway said that the president has given a voice to the voiceless on his social media accounts.

“Fact-check: Over 90 percent of mainstream media reportedly vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. So many conservatives and many non-liberals and many non-voters feel like they have a platform on social media that allows them, for free, to express themselves,” she argued.

“I mean, they are relying upon the same people who attack him all day long to ‘fact-check’ him,” Conway added.


Watch Conway’s full answer as to why Twitter’s decision to start this was by far not their best move:

Consider this, too: Not only is Twitter relying on fact checks from biased news organizations like CNN and the Washington Post, but the fact checkers/media watchers at CNN and the Washington Post oftentimes get their supposedly “reliable” information from left wing news sites. CNN’s Oliver Darcy provides us with the perfect example of this:

Another example is Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler, who frequently retweets’s Aaron Rupar. Rupar is notorious for posting video clips and adding his interpretation (which is often wrong) to the clips. Those clips often go viral without the reporters retweeting them actually taking the time to watch the video.

“Journalists” like Kessler just see Rupar’s take on the clip and run with it as though it’s the gospel truth. They don’t fact check him at all. By the time the truth is known, it’s too late.

I speculated a couple of weeks ago that Rupar is very likely the person NBC’s Chuck Todd got his information from when he falsely claimed that Attorney General Bill Barr told CBS News’s Catherine Herridge that the reason he dropped the case against Gen. Michael Flynn boiled down to politics.


Fact checkers at places like the WaPo and CNN weave very tangled webs in how they compile their information, and as noted above they get it often enough from left wing sources to not be trusted. That goes double for Twitter “fact checks”, which rely on these same news outlets to help them draw conclusions about political statements.

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