Pot, Kettle: Jen Rubin Says Tara Reade's Alleged Credibility Issues Means Time to Move On, It Does Not Go Well

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As I’ve said before, I really do believe that Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin is quite possibly the absolute least self-aware person on the face of the earth. Seriously.

There is, almost quite literally, not a day that goes by that the so-called “conservative columnist” does not demonstrate this in some form or fashion, either on her Twitter feed or by way of the columns she writes for the Washington Post.

Not only is Rubin sorely lacking in the self-awareness department, but considering her own serious credibility issues she is probably one of the last people anywhere who should be weighing in on someone else’s supposed credibility issues.

The latest example of Rubin’s utter clulessness comes by way of her commentary on new media hit pieces from Politico and PBS that predictably trash Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade’s character (because they must Protect the Precious at all costs, even if it means buhbye to #BelieveAllWomen). Here are two tweets Rubin posted on the stories:


Rubin’s Pelosi-esque declaration that the Tara Reade issue is now closed did not go over well with Twitter users, who then proceeded to point a few things out:


Right-o. Believe All Women has morphed into “Believe Some Women” or “Destroy Any Woman” who interferes with the left’s political ambitions.

Glad we’ve cleared that one up (not that it wasn’t already obvious ages ago).

Besides, if credibility issues were grounds for completely dismissing someone’s arguments and relegating them to the back benches, then Jen Rubin would have been laughed off the stage a LONG time ago. And yet here we are…


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