Reporter Asks Kayleigh McEnany to Explain Obamagate and the Crimes Allegedly Committed, Immediately Regrets It

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a press briefing at the White House, Friday, May 1, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)



White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany continues to impress.

During today’s White House press briefing, McEnany was asked by CBS News Radio correspondent Steven Portnoy to explain what “Obamagate” was and what crimes were allegedly committed because apparently he’s been asleep at the wheel for the last three-plus years as this story has unfolded, with many of the players being exposed – no thanks whatsoever to the leftists in the mainstream media.

Portnoy began by saying that in an interview Trump did with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo Thursday “the president suggested people should be jailed for what he said earlier in the week was a very ‘obvious’ crime.” Then noting that McEnany was an attorney as well as Trump’s spokesperson, Portnoy wondered if “perhaps you could lay out the elements of this crime. What crime was committed and in what way?”

McEnany began by asking Portnoy to confirm that he was “referring to the Obama administration and the unmasking and …”

Portnoy then asked his question another way. “The president called it as ‘Obamagate.’ What is it? What are the elements of that crime?” as though he didn’t already know.

As she often is, McEnany was clearly prepared for the question. But her answer included not just indictments of the high-level Obama officials exposed earlier this week, but also indictments of many in the mainstream media, who she said pushed the Russia/Trump collusion hoax for years right along with Democrats instead of doing the type of actual journalism that would have led them to the information broken by CBS News’s Catherine Herridge Wednesday.


Here’s how she broke it down for Portnoy:

“I’m really glad you asked because there hasn’t been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front. And I’m very glad that you asked this question,” McEnany said.

“Look, there were a number of questions raised by the actions of the Obama administration. The Steele dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee, the opposition political party to the president, was used to obtain FISA warrants to listen in on conversations of people within the Trump campaign.

There was the unmasking, the identity of Michael Flynn. And we know that in a January 5th meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama, Sally Yates from the Department of Justice learned about the unmasking – not from the Department of Justice or for the FBI. She learned about it from President Obama and was stunned and can barely process what she was hearing at the time because she was stunned of his knowledge of that.

We know that there was a lot of wrongdoing in the case of Michael Flynn. The FBI notes, for instance, that said we could ‘get him to lie’ as they pontificated their strategy. We know that the identity of this three decade general was leaked to the press, a criminal leaked to the press of his identity in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.”

“These are very serious questions, they’ve been ignored by the media for far too long,” McEnany continued to a flustered Portnoy, who seemed to be stunned she would suggest such a thing.


She went on to talk about the wrongdoing of the other players in the scandal, like “Andy McCabe leaking to the Wall Street Journal and then lying about it.” She also noted that she’d be “happy to talk about James Clapper lying before Congress saying the NSA does not monitor phone calls,” which she stated was “an inaccuracy, to say the least.”

She concluded by encouraging Portnoy and the other journalists present in the White House press briefing room to do the digging in this direction that they hadn’t done since Trump was elected, which would ultimately lead them to the answers they sought (which is what they should have been doing all along).


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