CNN's Oliver Darcy Clutches Pearls After Ben Shapiro Owns Him Over Stupidity of Greta Thunberg Panel Invite

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow


The higher-ups at CNN mighta thought it was a cool thing to invite teen climate activist Greta Thunberg to be one of the panelists on the “expert” Wuhan virus panel the network will showcase Thursday, but they’ve gotten a ton of feedback questioning why the heck they would put someone like Thunberg on a panel of “experts” considering she is most definitely not one.

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro was one of the many people who dunked on CNN for their decision. He replied to a tweet from CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy, who was doing his tiresome “look at Fox News!” thing:

Darcy, as he often does, became triggered over Shapiro’s criticism and rushed to defend his network’s decision and Thunberg herself:

Except … that still doesn’t make her an “expert” on anything, noted Shapiro:

Darcy then revealed his inner Thunberg fangirl in claiming she was only “trying to do a good thing by donating time/money” to help young people impacted by the Wuhan virus:

Shapiro was not impressed, and continued to press his point about how Thunberg was not an “expert” in the first place:

At that point, Darcy feigned ignorance on why so many people would disagree with putting her on an “expert” panel in the first place:

Shapiro, however, got the last word:

Poor ol’ Oliver did not respond.

It’s really not been a good last week or so for Oliver Darcy. He tried and failed in his petty attacks on Fox News’s distinguished anchor/journalist Brett Baier yesterday, and he got his you-know-what handed to him last week after trying to mansplain White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s job to her.

Almost makes you feel sorry for the guy.