Tucker Carlson Highlights Sen. Gillibrand's Brett Kavanaugh Outrage vs. Her Joe Biden Defense and It Is Brutal

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speaks at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum, Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

I wrote yesterday about how failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams had done a very revealing #BelieveAllWomen flip flop when asked to comment on the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

The reason she’s changed her viewpoint on the matter is the same reason all the other female VP hopefuls have: because they want to stay in Biden’s good graces.

Their reversals on “believing all women” have nothing to do with having a principled change of heart. More to the point, their hypocrisy demonstrates how their “believing” primarily boils down to how and if it can advance their political ambitions.

Failed 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who has long fancied herself as a champion of women’s rights, is another one who can be added to the list of VP hopefuls who have thrown #BelieveAllWomen under the bus. Here’s what she said Wednesday:

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York has offered her support to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden following accusations of alleged sexual assault by his former Senate aide, Tara Reade.

In a call with reporters on Tuesday, Gillibrand said she supports and stands by Biden.

“So when we say believe women, it’s for this explicit intention of making sure there’s space for all women to come forward to speak their truth, to be heard. And in this allegation, that is what Tara Reade has done,” Gillibrand said.

“She has come forward, she has spoken, and they have done an investigation in several outlets. Those investigations, Vice President Biden has called for himself. Vice President Biden has vehemently denied these allegations and I support Vice President Biden.”


When asked if there was a contradiction between the Democratic position on the allegations against then-SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh versus where they stand now on the allegations against Joe Biden, Gillibrand said there wasn’t any:

“No, and I stand by Vice President Biden. He has devoted his life to supporting women and he has vehemently denied this allegation,” the New York Democrat said.

Gillibrand is, of course, lying like all the rest with her new definition of what “believe all women” meant at the time it was turned into a feminist rallying cry.

On his Fox News program last night, Tucker Carlson absolutely ripped “feminists” and their strange silence on the Tara Reade story. As he was doing so, he showed video clips of what Gillibrand said at the time about Kavanaugh vs. the video clip of her defending Biden. Here was his commentary:

There’s nothing more corrupt than institutional feminism. And if you want proof, look no further than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. Two years ago, Gillibrand wanted Brett Kavanaugh, his wife and family destroyed. He was guilty, she said — she could feel it.


Has there ever been, in the last 235 years, a dumber person to serve the United States Senate? Probably not.

Her argument was Brett Kavanaugh has not demanded that the FBI forensically go through his entire life. He doesn’t appear to trust the FBI, therefore, he must be guilty. No trial needed.

Well, on Tuesday, Gillibrand got her chance to respond to the allegations — the credible allegations — that Tara Reade has made against Joe Biden. Even if you haven’t already seen this, we bet you can guess what her response was.


Has Joe Biden begged the FBI to take a close look at his personal life over the past 50 years? Oh, he hasn’t. He must be guilty.

That’s no longer Gillibrand’s position. Why? Because political circumstances have changed.


It was a brutally on-point segment. Watch below:

As I noted yesterday, the point of this exercise is not to convince women that if you support one woman’s allegations you should support them all. The point is to call out how believability standards should not be based on the political party affiliation of the person being accused.

In reality, the totality of the evidence should be the determining factor. And if all of these female VP candidates were having a sincere change of heart here on automatically believing all women, it should be applauded. But none of it is sincere, and we all know it.


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