Ted Cruz Hilariously Sympathizes With Biden After Seeing 'Sleepy Joe' Video Featuring Hillary's Endorsement

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Hillary Clinton smiles as she is introduced at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Friday, May 25, 2018. Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute honored Clinton with the 2018 Radcliffe Medal. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden in a blaze of glory Tuesday in an awkward video segment during a virtual town hall that has become an endless source for memes.

One such moment from the video was when Biden appeared to actually doze off as Clinton was speaking. Watch the clip below:

While it’s not 100% clear whether he was nodding off a bit or just looking down at notes, the consensus seemed to be that he was sleeping – especially considering he did it for at least 15 seconds, which is longer than most people who glance down to look at notes take during live segments.

It also reminded people of President Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname for him, and the jokes just took off from there.

In one example of this, Fox News’s Sean Hannity tweeted out the video, and referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe”:


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) saw the clip, and expressed sympathy for Biden for having to sit through listening to Hillary Clinton speak. “Can you think of a better time for a nap?” Cruz quipped:

Imma just go on record and say I agree with Cruz here. While it’s not exactly a good look to be sleeping while one of the most prominent women in your party is endorsing you on a live feed, having to endure more than a few seconds of listening to Hillary Clinton speak would test almost anyone’s limits.

So you only have two options. You can either beg for mercy or quietly doze off. Biden chose the latter in this instance. Can you really blame him?

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