Dan Bongino Advises 'Professional Help' After Jen Rubin Accuses Trump of 'Worst Death Toll Since Vietnam'

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Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin – screengrab via MSNBC.

Apparently New York Magazine “correspondent” Olivia Nuzzi’s ridiculous gotcha question to President Trump comparing the U.S. death toll in Vietnam to the Wuhan coronavirus death toll Tuesday has become the new talking point in elite national media journalism circles.


For example, my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported yesterday about how the merry gang at “The Bulwark” tried the argument, too, but it also did not go well.

Naturally, because liberal journalists and her fellow Never Trumpers at the Bulwark are amplifying the argument, Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin jumped on the bandwagon with her own spin, presumably because she didn’t want to be left behind when the overcrowded clown car zoomed by:

It won’t surprise anyone reading this to find out that this isn’t the only bizarre and ghoulish hot take she’s tweeted about Trump since the Wuhan coronavirus crisis escalated. Three weeks ago, she was recommending 2020 presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accuse Trump of a “willingness to kill people.” A week after that, Rubin linked to a chart showing Wuhan coronavirus deaths in America and labeled it “Here is how many people Trump killed.”

This prompted unheeded calls for a friend to gently intervene on Rubin’s behalf.

Fast forward to this week, and she’s still off on wild tangents – so much so that Dan Bongino stepped in to recommend Rubin seek professional help after her Vietnam tweet:


All I can say is if Rubin needs help, then pretty much everyone in her media/political circle does, because she sounds just like they do – like an unhinged leftist who has let their Trump Derangement Syndrome completely obliterate the remote possibility of any rational thought when it comes to commentary on politics and current events.

Rubin would see this if she spent 5 seconds outside of her social media/JournoList echo chamber. But because she’s acting like an obedient little leftist in demanding people just trust whatever their local Democratic leaders tell them about staying at home, she clearly has no intentions of engaging in any “non-essential travel” outside of the Beltway bubble.

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