'I Left Walter Reed Without Fanfare': Veteran Who Lost His Legs in 2010 Torches Chris Cuomo Over Staged Video

Twitter/Cuomo Prime Time

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has deservedly taken a lot of heat over the staged basement emergence video he posted to Twitter and which aired on his program Monday night.

The video showed Cuomo emerging from his basement in dramatic fashion as though it was his first time out of Wuhan coronavirus quarantine since he was diagnosed with the virus a few weeks ago after ignoring his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s advice on social distancing.

But as my RedState colleague Brandon Morse pointed out, the entire basement emergence segment was staged and fake, considering how hypocrite Cuomo had already been out of the basement a week prior to that filming by his own admission – while he was still infected with the virus.

We know this because Cuomo spoke on his radio program last Monday about how he had ventured out to his under-construction East Hampton home on Easter Sunday with family members, where a fellow New Yorker called him out for breaking quarantine.

But of all the smack downs directed Cuomo’s way this week after the video was posted, perhaps the most epic one was the reaction from Fox News contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones.

For those who don’t know his story, Jones is a retired United States Marine who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, Jones lost both his legs below the knee after he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan.

In addition to the loss of both of his legs, the explosion “caused severe damage to his right forearm and both wrists.”

Jones saw Cuomo’s video, and put it – and Cuomo’s massive ego – in perspective:


Another member of the Fox News team, Tucker Carlson, also ripped Cuomo and CNN a new one over the phony video, noting that Cuomo “appears to have been ignoring the social distancing rules his network has been promoting and forcing on everyone else.”

As of this writing, Cuomo himself has yet to address the controversy, nor has anyone else at the network.