De Blasio's Wuhan Virus Snitch Line 'Flooded' With Obscene Pix and Reminders of His Failed Crisis Leadership

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FILE – In this March 31, 2020 file photo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at the USTA Indoor Training Center where a 350-bed temporary hospital will be built in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)


My RedState colleague Nick Arama wrote Saturday about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s video announcement on Twitter of of a tip line for residents to text reports of people and/or groups who weren’t following social distancing guidelines

Here’s video of him urging people to take pictures and text them to a dedicated city phone number along with location information so police officers can show up to “enforce” the guidelines:

As Nick noted, it didn’t take long for the announcement to backfire, as Twitter users quickly reminded him of the leadership failures he’d demonstrated very early on as the outbreak was getting worse around the city.

Here we are just a few days later, and the New York Post is reporting that the text line has been “flooded” with obscene photos, comparisons of de Blasio to Hitler, and links/photos to the reports of him going to the gym as other New York residents were told to hunker down:

Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

One user sent the message “We will fight this tyrannical overreach!” to the service and got an automated message that in part said, “Hello, and thank you for texting NYC311.”


But that’s not all:

An NYPD source said that “d**k pic” photos of real penises have also been texted to 311, and a caller phoned in a tip that de Blasio was seen performing oral sex on someone “in an alleyway behind a 7-11” early Sunday.

“He looked at me…and coofed in my direction,” the caller said, according to a photo of the 311 operator’s computer screen provided to The Post.

“Coof” is a newly coined term for coughing while infected with the coronavirus, according to the Urban Dictionary website.

The paper also reported that the tip line had to be temporarily shut down due to the number of “off color” tips it was receiving, and that a source told them that a vetting process had been put into place in order to sift through all the information before it hit police precincts.

(Hat tip: Daily Wire)

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