Sick: Jen Rubin Takes the Wheel in 'Never Trump' Clown Car With Ghoulish Advice for Joe Biden's Campaign


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin – screen grab via MSNBC.

As I wrote Thursday night, liberals are fond of never letting a crisis go to waste if they can figure out a way they can benefit from it politically. Along with that, when our country is in the midst of navigating uncharted waters as it is now, you often see what hardliner Democrats are made of as their true colors really come out.


The same holds true for Never Trumpers, considering their agendas are one in the same with the left’s. The only difference being that that these Never Trumpers want you to believe they’re teaming up with anti-Trump Democrats in the interests of “conserving conservatism.”

The claim is laughable on its face, especially when you consider their idea of “conserving conservatism” is to help elect Democrats at a time when the Democratic party has become more extreme than it has been in decades.

But what’s not funny in any way, shape, or form is how the Wuhan coronavirus crisis our country is facing has brought out the absolute worst in some of these people, and that includes the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin, a rabid Never Trumper, recently claimed the Republican party had “become a death cult” out of a mistaken belief that red state governors were dropping the ball in their crisis responses.

She’s also called for a 9/11-style Wuhan coronavirus commission to investigate the Trump administration’s actions, because in her mind this crisis is the perfect opportunity to try to impeach Trump in the court of public opinion just months ahead of the 2020 presidential election.


But her latest move is perhaps her worst – not because she was offering advice to Joe Biden, a Democrat. We’ve come to expect that and little more from frauds like Jen Rubin. It’s the type of advice she gave that was so distrubing:

Now I want you to imagine for five seconds what the level of outcry would have been had there been anyone prominent on the right who proclaimed that President Obama had a “willingness to kill people” during the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010? It would have been off the charts. Rubin’s own paper would have had op/eds condemning the person or persons who said it.

As is par the course, though, the same rules don’t apply when the parties and political allegiances are changed.

But if Rubin wants to go there on someone having a “willingness to kill people”, let’s talk about the party she now supports.

Democrats are the party of abortion. They will not even support bills that would protect babies who survived abortions. They vote against them every time they come up, whether it be at the state level or in Congress.


Since Roe v. Wade, over 60 million unborn babies have been aborted. And that 60 million figure was as of 2017. The number is surely far higher now.

And Democrats are busy as we speak pulling Biden even further to the left on abortion than he already is.

Rubin, in her role as a Never Trumper, has actively promoted pro-abortion Democrats for higher office, including for the House and Senate as well as the presidency. Because her way of “conserving conservatism”, you see, is to elect as many Democrats as possible because Orange Man Bad.

Next time Rubin wants to advise a candidate for higher office on their opponent’s alleged “willingness to kill people”, she might want to first take a long hard look in the mirror. If she’s honest with herself, she won’t like what stares back at her.


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