Brian Stelter Gets Rude Awakening After Rant About Outlets With 'Better Journalistic Reputations' Than OANN


Brian Stelter – Screen grab via CNN.

As my RedState colleague Betsy Vaughn wrote earlier, the White House press corps has declared war on One America News Network in recent weeks, most notably by way of the White House Correspondents Association removing the network from the press briefing rotation Wednesday for allegedly violating their social distancing policy.


CNN’s Brian Stelter, who along with colleague Oliver Darcy fancies himself to be a credible arbiter of what is and isn’t “real journalism”, took to the Twitter machine on Wednesday to express his frustrations over how OANN had supposedly been given “preferential treatment” by the White House over “100+ media outlets in the United States with bigger audiences and better journalistic reputations”:

People who are more than familiar with the fake news CNN regularly propagates on its news channel took exception:


One America News Network has been covering the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings since the briefings first began, and the network had previously come under fire from so-called “respectable” journalists after asking President Trump if it “alarmed” him that so many in the mainstream media appeared to be teaming up with China’s government in their propaganda offensive against Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” to describe the Wuhan coronavirus.


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