Wow: CNN Cuts off 'My Pillow' CEO's WH Speech on Masks After Days of Reports on 'Supply Shortages' (Watch)

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Michael Lindell, with My Pillow, laughs with President Donald Trump during a “Made in America,” roundtable event in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, July 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


There are times when very few words are needed to describe an event that has taken place. Especially when photos and/or videos are available to show viewers/readers what’s happened.

This afternoon was one of those times.

During the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s daily press briefing this afternoon, President Trump invited Mike Lindell, the president and CEO of “My Pillow”, up to say a few words about the work his company was doing to help out with supplies doctors’ offices and hospitals need for protecting healthcare workers as they treat patients for the Wuhan coronavirus.

But watch what CNN did below. As Lindell made it to the podium to speak, the network barely gave him 10 seconds to start talking before they cut away. The video after that shows what CNN actually cut off, which was Lindell talking about his company’s production of masks (between 10,000 and 50,000 a day will be produced).

While watching these clips, keep in mind that CNN has spent the last two weeks reporting on supply shortages of masks and ventilators in certain parts of the country, and blaming those shortages on Trump:


The Federalist’s Sean Davis summed things up perfectly:

On the other hand, assorted “journalists”, liberals, and Never Trumpers (but I repeat myself) commenced in the Great Freakout as Lindell began to speak:



There would have been absolutely nothing wrong with CNN airing Lindell’s remarks in their entirety, especially at a time when people across America are concerned healthcare workers aren’t going to have what they need to treat the sick – thanks in large part to non-stop “PANIC!!!” reports about it from news outlets like CNN. There also would have been nothing wrong with CNN including what he said about how Americans should spend more time with their families and reading their Bibles.

But they didn’t do either. Which makes you wonder what CNN’s motivations have been in their endless coverage about supply shortages: Is it about a genuine concern or more about dunking on Trump because Orange Man Bad? Hmm.


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